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Schiit Lokius: New model with six-band tone control

Another timbre block has appeared in the Schiit catalog – Lokius. This is a six- band model, in contrast to the Loki, that only has four bands. According to the developers, turning the knobs on a physical device is much more convenient than moving the sliders in a software equalizer. Adjustments are available at 20 Hz (± 12 dB), 120 Hz (± 9 dB), 400 Hz (± 6 dB), 2 kHz (± 6 dB), 6 kHz (± 9 dB), and 16 kHz (± 12 dB) ).

Its design is discrete, with an LC filter. Inputs and outputs – both balanced and unbalanced, based on Neutrik connectors. Film capacitors – from Wima and Panasonic, film resistors – 0.5% thickness, potentiometers – from Alps.

The EQ function can also be turned off by running Lokius in bypass mode: then only a relay and a resistor will be in the signal path. It will be possible to integrate the device into any system – both full-size and desktop, and with headphones, and with a balanced connection, and with an unbalanced one.

Schiit decided that you should not be afraid of equalizers, since they can help you get the sound you like, as well as take into account the peculiarities of your own hearing and existing equipment.

Lokius is built on the basis of the proprietary technology of a two-stage “superbuffer” with a single-stage amplifier with current feedback and with LC- and gyratory-capacitor circuits between them (the latter are used only for frequencies of 20 and 120 Hz).

This design, according to Schiit, treats the signal as transparently as possible. The harmonic distortion in the audible range was less than 0.0008%, intermodulation distortion – 0.001%, and the signal-to-noise ratio was better than 115 dB.

A box weighing about a kilogram consumes 6 W from an external power supply. Two body options are available: black and silver. In the US, Schiit Lokius will cost $ 299.

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