TVs are more than just screens; they’re portals to a world of entertainment. Whether you’re a cinephile seeking cinematic brilliance, a sports enthusiast in pursuit of smooth motion handling, a gamer looking for low input lag, or a family seeking smart features for streaming and connectivity, our TV category offers curated content to help you find the perfect TV that aligns with your unique viewing style and preferences.

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Best 4K OLED TVs 2024: Choosing the very best TV this year

Choosing a TV in the current market is comparable to shopping for clothes in a…

By Michail Yahontov

Titan OS: Everything you need to know about the new OS on Philips TVs

Philips introduced the new Titan OS operating system for its TVs at the TV/Audio event…

By Michail Yahontov

OnePlus unveils two monitors: X 27 and E 24

OnePlus introduced its first monitors - X 27 and E 24. We tell you why…

By Michail Yahontov

Xiaomi L55M5 Review: Why pay more?

Recently, this phrase has often surfaced in TV discussions. Like, the Chinese now make smartphones no…

By Michail Yahontov

LG OLED65C9P Review: 4K HDR TV that makes an impression

The LG R9 OLED roll-to-roll TV has won a lot of press coverage after CES…

By Michail Yahontov

TCL ES560 Review: Affordable Android TV with HDR image quality

The TCL 32ES560 is a 32 ”television that can become the perfect complement, both for your bedroom…

By Lorenzo Garcia

Nokia QLED TVs are coming to Europe

Nokia has entered the European TV market with a range of Android TV models ranging from 43…

By Michail Yahontov

Panasonic Z95A Review: Flagship OLED TV you should be considering

Panasonic Z95A is the flagship OLED TV for 2024 and features some major upgrades over…

By Michail Yahontov

Philips OLED959: TV packed with acoustics from Bowers & Wilkins

Philips has expanded its product range with a new OLED TV called 65OLED959 , which differs from numerous analogues…

By Michail Yahontov

TCL C647 Review: Worth checking out if you are on a budget

The TCL C647 TVs aren't the brightest or most feature-rich. However, the image is very impressive…

By Michail Yahontov

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