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Acer Predator CG48: Brutal 48 inch Gaming OLED monitor

Predator CG48
Predator CG48

Acer has decided to cause a sensation at CES 2022 , and a good example of this is the Predator CG48 monitor . An impressive screen that, due to its dimensions and qualities, will surely leave many speechless.

Predator CG48, the cinema-size gaming screen

Acer seems ready to impress gamers like never before . Among the many products that it has presented at the technological event in Las Vegas , which takes place these days of the beginning of 2022 , a new gaming monitor stands out among its proposals. It is the Predator CG48 , which by size and performance does not leave anyone indifferent.

Monitor Features

One of the latest Acer innovations presented at CES 2022 offers us complete immersion in the content through the Predator CG48 screen . The monitor boasts a huge display whose 48-inch diagonal with OLED technology is capable of taking gaming to a new level.

Acer Predator CG48

The manufacturer has been quite sparing with the details of the product, leaving pending to provide the full technical details of the reference. Acer has specified that the model has a WOLED screen with 4K resolution where image refresh rates of up to 138 Hz will be achieved .

More details of the product

This monitor includes support for VRR and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technologies , therefore tearing problems are minimized . The huge panel boasts a native contrast of 135,000: 1 and has a color coverage at 98% of the DCI-P3 standard . It is also a display compatible with the HDR10 high dynamic range format . Finally, note that it offers a response time of 0.1 ms (GtG).

With regard to connectivity, this model seems ideally equipped, as it has several HDMI 2.1 ports ; a DisplayPort 1.4 and several USB 3.2 type A connectors , as well as a USB-C where to connect external peripherals. This Acer Predator CG48 monitor is expected to hit the European market during the third quarter of 2022 for a recommended price of 2,200 euros .

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