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GUIDE: How to choose an electric scooter in 2021?

Modern modes of transport are gradually switching to electric traction, which cannot but rejoice both pronounced conservationists and ordinary residents of large cities.

Personal transport is still a rarity for many, but the process has already begun – gyro scooters, electric unicycle, bicycles and electric scooters are gradually coming out to the masses, and people are beginning to trust the new energy of movement more. The most optimal and practical, according to experts, is a scooter . It has a large power reserve, is easy to carry and is very compact for storage and transport. This is a really serious type of transport that allows you to quickly and comfortably travel long distances without any special physical costs.

Let’s figure out how to choose an electric scooter in 2021.

The main parameters of an electric scooter are:
– Battery
– Wheel size
– Power
– Speed
– Weight

1. Battery of the electric scooter

Batteries are lithium and lead.

When choosing, it is better to give preference to lithium batteries. In all respects, they are much better than lead ones, they are now installed everywhere, from smartphones and laptops, to electrical equipment. Lead-acid batteries have a very large weight, a small resource and, unfortunately, a small capacity. For a better idea, the capacity of the battery is like the gas tank of a car, the larger it is, the longer the electric scooter will travel on a single charge.

As experience shows, an 8500 mAh battery with a user weighing about 80 kg is enough for about 14-16 km of path, when driving on asphalt and hard ground.

In general, this is very small for travel, but sufficient for commuting to and from work. When choosing a scooter, it is recommended to focus on the battery capacity of 12,500 or 18,200 mAh. Such a battery should be enough for a total path of 25-28 km, that is, about 14 km in one direction. You can cover this distance on foot in 6 hours, and on a scooter you will explore the surroundings in 1.5 hours, taking into account the way back.

2. Wheel Size

Wheels come in a variety of diameters, from the tiny 3 “to the incredible 14”.

The larger the wheel diameter, the softer and easier the electric scooter will ride, but the heavier it will be.

The smaller the wheel diameter, the less powerful the motor is needed for acceleration. But it will be very difficult to drive through obstacles on the road, such as cracks and pits, stones and just ordinary compacted earth with such a scooter. This applies to 5-6 inch wheels.
The absolute best option is wheels with a diameter of 8 inches . In second place is the diameter of 10 inches .

3. Power

When choosing, it is better to give preference to a motor-wheel. Motors mounted inside the wheel are better than chain-driven motors in all respects. The motor wheels are quiet, durable, sealed, maintenance-free and more powerful.

The power of motors is different: from 100 watts to an incredible 3000 watts of nominal power. 350 watts is more than enough to get you up to 30 km / h.

4. Speed ​

The speed can vary from 10 to 100 km / h.

90% of scooters have a speed of up to 30 km / h . At speeds up to 30 km, driving any model of an electric scooter is comfortable and pleasant. Sometimes you can allow more than 35 and even 40-45 km per hour. But it is not recommended to go beyond these values.

5. Weight

A very important parameter that few people pay attention to. Scooters can weigh from 5 to 50 kg.

Each category has its advantages and, of course, disadvantages. The most popular are super light and light electric scooters, since almost everyone can lift a weight of 12 kg, except for small children, and their average characteristics are great for daily use.

But do not forget about such nuances:

1) The lighter the scooter, the more likely it will travel less on a single charge. Pay attention to the battery capacity.
2) The lighter the electric scooter, the smaller its wheel diameter, and the more vibration from unevenness on the road will be felt.

By following these guidelines, you can choose an irreplaceable friend for your daily commute.

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