The Best keyboard for Smart TV 2021

In the age of modern television, almost all models have smart features. Smart TVs can connect to the Internet and are equipped with a web browser. Therefore, more and more people comfortably access the Internet on their blue screens. However, the included remote control is not always practical for surfing the net. Smart TV keyboard is a convenient solution to this problem.

Of course, the built-in voice assistant can partially facilitate the task of communicating with a smart TV. With its help it is convenient to carry out a wide variety of searches and control the TV in terms of switching channels, changing settings, etc. What if there is no voice control? Or is there no way to use an assistant? For this reason, we offer an overview of the best keyboards for Smart TV.

How to choose a keyboard for smart TV

Difference from a regular keyboard

Entering search terms using the TV remote control is not fun. After a short time, this becomes annoying and stressful. The Smart TV Wireless Keyboard will help fix this and make surfing much more comfortable again. It makes it easy to type long phrases, facilitates communication on social networks. It is very convenient to control the playback of multimedia files.

Smart TV keyboard is specially designed to work with modern QLED or OLED TV models. Usually the keyboard itself and the touchpad coexist in the same case. Conventional devices lack the ability to control Smart TV. Therefore, the user is forced to constantly switch between the keyboard and the remote control. And the wireless smart TV keyboard offers a high degree of functionality and convenience.

Smart keyboard connection

Compatibility check

First, check the compatibility of the corresponding smart TV keyboard with the TV. Smart TV keyboards have either a USB adapter or a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, you need to find out which connection option is supported by yours. Not all Smart TVs are USB or Bluetooth compatible.

Retrofit Bluetooth

If the TV does not have Bluetooth, the missing connection can be easily upgraded with an adapter. This means you can start surfing the net in no time using your TV keyboard. Basically, almost any TV can be connected to an external device. No complicated installation or huge difficulties to use.

TV keyboard selection

Logitech K600

The first recommendation is a wireless keyboard for the Logitech K600 Smart TV. It is like the 600th Mercedes among keyboards. Equipped with touchpad, 5-way joystick and speed dial buttons. All this allows you to control Smart TV from the keyboard in full. A little confused by the rather large size and the lack of backlighting of full-size keys.

Smart TV keyboard - Logitech K600

The model has a USB adapter, but additionally supports a Bluetooth connection. If your TV does not have Bluetooth technology or is not compatible with the corresponding standard, you can connect the keyboard to a smart TV and control it via a USB adapter via radio.

However, you should first test the possibility of collaboration. You can check your TV and keyboard compatibility on the Logitech website. In principle, the keyboard can be connected to any TV model no older than 2016. Logitech TV Keyboard is compelling in every way and lets you comfortably control your Smart TV.

• Touchpad, 5-way navigator, shortcut keys
• Bluetooth and USB adapter
• Good compatibility (Samsung, LG, Sony and Philips)
• Maximum distance 15m
• Battery life up to 12 months

Microsoft All-in-One

Another product worth checking out is the Microsoft All-in-One Wireless TV Keyboard. A versatile mid-range media keyboard provides easy control with a touch-sensitive trackpad and full-size buttons. It makes typing, scrolling and zooming easier.

Smart TV keyboard - Microsoft

In addition, the keyboard has convenient function keys. The model also has a USB adapter that allows you to connect all TVs with USB connectors.

• Touch panel, customizable keys
• USB adapter
• Very high compatibility
• Maximum radius of 10 m
• Battery life up to 8 months

Logitech K400 Plus

We recommend another multimedia keyboard for Smart TV – the Logitech K400 Plus Touch Wireless Keyboard. It is equipped with a large touch panel for easy navigation. In addition, this model has a USB adapter that guarantees high compatibility with a variety of TVs.

Smart TV keyboard - Logitech K400

This keyboard is also in the mid-range and suits all needs.

• Keyboard and touchpad
• USB adapter
• High compatibility
• Maximum radius of 10 m
• Battery life up to 18 months

Bluetooth PC keyboard

If your smart TV will be used as a PC display and you want to make it easier to work with, then you can simply buy a wireless PC keyboard. They also have a Bluetooth or USB interface and can connect to Smart TVs. Most of these keyboards also include a wireless mouse, so you can view your TV screen just like you would on a computer.

Rii x8 Mini Keyboard

This smart tv keyboard has many invaluable advantages. First, its compact size and form factor, reminiscent of console joysticks. Secondly, due to radio communication, it has excellent compatibility with a wide variety of TVs and gadgets. The Combo TouchPad offers options for multiple fingers or one-finger click as a function of the left mouse button.

This smarttv keyboard has a pleasant backlighting that makes it easy to use at night. It even charges via a USB connection, further enhancing ease of use. It is a three-in-one all-in-one with a wireless mini QWERTY keyboard, combination touchpad and LED backlit keys with a USB interface adapter.

There is also a scroll wheel and voice input. You will find a great variety of options for such keyboards. They will differ in range, type of power supply, location of buttons and touchpad, but the essence will remain the same. This is a good compact harvester.

Smart TV keyboard selection

To conclude our short review of Smart TV keyboards, here are the most important features to consider when choosing.

Radius of action

Living rooms vary in size, so it’s best to make sure the keyboard you’re about to buy will work anywhere in the room. In principle, each of the models considered has a minimum recommended radius of 5 m, and some are approaching 15 m. All models are connected via radio using the standard 2.4 GHz frequency and should not experience almost any signal interruptions.

Keyboard size and weight

While many smart TV keyboards are compact in form factor, they may be too small for normal and large hands. If you will be using the keyboard to navigate menus and enter search terms, then ideally you will need something that you can type on without getting lost.

Most of the above products are suitable for all adults, with the rare exception of keyboards that provide maximum portability. In terms of weight, the lighter the better, especially if you intend to use the keyboard for a long time. All keyboards listed above are lighter than standard keyboards.

Compatible with a wide range of TVs and gadgets

Choose keyboards that will work with the lion’s share of modern TVs and related gadgets. For example, with media attachments and streaming streamers. Most suitable keyboards work through a USB receiver that can be plugged into any gadget of your choice. There are some streaming devices that don’t work well with some multimedia keyboards. In addition, some keyboard shortcuts can be problematic. All this needs to be assessed, to understand your own needs and then go to the store.