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Best Budget Gaming Chairs 2021

Filled with affordable picks in a plethora of styles that look brilliant in any man cave, personal gaming hub, living room or playroom, finding a gaming chair that boasts incredible performance and comfort without the cost, is easier than ever before with OnBuy’s handy guide to the best budget gaming chairs for 2021.

In this guide, we check out all the most sought-after gaming chairs that won’t come with the unfortunate addition of a hefty price tag! Whether you want to surprise your little gaming fanatic or discover an incredibly comfortable chair for a spot of PC gaming, OnBuy have whittled down the top seven affordable gaming chairs to suit every kind of gamer and shopping budget.


  1. The all-round seating essential – Home Discount Nitro Gaming Chair

Combining an ergonomic high back design with a striking racing chair exterior and cushioning accessories, every essential gaming chair requirement has been fulfilled by this Nitro gaming chair. To ensure the utmost comfort during particular long gaming periods, the padded lumbar and headrest pillows always come in handy.

Available in a range of vibrant colourways, you can snap up this chair in your favourite shade including striking colours such as red, green, and blue. No matter which colour variation you opt for, you’ll still benefit from the adjustable chair height via the convenient gas lift and the reclining function that can set the chair at any angle between 90° and 170° – perfect for relaxed gaming!
Available at OnBuy, £104.90


  1. The magnificent massager – Black Massaging Gaming Chair With Retractable Footrest

More than anything, this massaging gaming chair impresses when it comes to the price tag and the built-in back massaging technology. While the simplistic exterior seems to suggest no hidden luxuries, the outstanding 2-point massage vibration function begs to differ. Compared to other PC gaming chairs, this model is packed with plenty of cushioning seat padding to add to the relaxing look and feel of this reclining chair. Finished with padded armrests and a retractable footrest, this massaging office chair offers comfortable functionality over gamer style.

Despite these additional features, the overall shape is rather simplistic and certainly doesn’t create an impact in a dedicated PC gaming room. However, if you’re searching for something that can support and pamper you from work to play, this affordable gaming chair couldn’t be a better choice.

Available from OnBuy, £89.59



  1. For sleek and sophisticated gaming – Tectake Red & Black Benny Gaming Chair


Similar to the Home Discount Comet Gaming Chair, this Tectake alternative also features bold red and black colours alongside a racing gaming-inspired exterior. Combining breathable mesh fabric with a sturdy and sport structure, this chair helps you to keep your cool while under pressure.

It also comes with an adjustable gas lift and five castor wheels to ensure it can be moved with ease to practically anywhere in your home and used by anyone! Finished with plenty of padding for comfort on both the seat and the armrests, it only lacks padded sections for your head and back.

Available from OnBuy, £83.99



  1. The bean bag beauty – Game Over Bean Bag Adult Gaming Chair


Suitable for relaxed gaming in front of the television or using handheld gaming consoles, this Game Over bean bag chair adds a relaxed feel to your living room or child’s playroom. The ergonomically designed chair moulds to your body to promote a natural and unrestricted posture while gaming.

The casual and incredibly cool bean bag design also boasts air vents to allow plenty of airflow while gaming. Not to mention, if you often use a headset while either gaming or working, this bean bag chair features a practical headset fastening hook and deep pockets for convenient gaming accessory and essential snack storage.

Ideal for gaming-obsessed kids, the high-quality fabric is both durable and water-resistant. Simply opt for one of the stunning colour variations (given intriguing names such as Fel Magic, Scorpion Chain, and Dragon Skin) to find the perfect colour gaming chair for your games room.

Available from OnBuy, £79.97


  1. Most luxurious gaming chair – X-Rocker Red & Black Adjustable Alpha Gaming Chair


Another impeccable gaming chair design that you can snap up without splashing too much cash from X-Rocker is their luxurious leather-effect Adjustable Alpha Gaming Chair. This PC gaming chair features both an adjustable height as well as adjustable armrests to ensure it’s perfectly customised to your body.

The red and black colour theme is a tried and tested gaming chair combo that hardcore gamers will always gravitate towards. More than this, it also boasts optional headrest and lumbar pillows to see you through weekend gaming marathons without injury. Finished with a durable steel frame and castor wheels, X-Rocker continues to knock out outstanding gaming chairs without breaking the bank.

Available from OnBuy, £119,99



  1. For slipping effortlessly from work to play – Black & Grey Swivel Gaming Chair


If you’ve recently transitioned to working from home but you still want a chair that’ll support you during your prolonged evenings spent gaming, then you won’t want to miss this swivel gaming chair. Suitable for both work and play, the professional black and grey design gives a great impression during those frequent video calls while the affordable price tag is an important bonus.
Constructed around a robust steel tubing framework, this swivel gaming chair also provides a superb level of support thanks to the orthopaedic, deep-sided design that cradles your body while working and gaming. Fully rotatable and adjustable armrests also let you find the most comfortable position to rest your arms while you game.

A gas spring cylinder also allows the chair height and level of tilt to be altered to suit your go-to gaming position. Finished with a breathable composite fabric material, this gaming chair will also keep you cool during the warmer months by allowing air to circulate with ease.

Available from OnBuy, £75.99


  1. Best rocking gaming chair – X-Rocker G-Force 2.1 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair

If you like a little movement while you’re immersed in your latest online gaming adventure, then this X-Rocker floor gaming chair is the perfect fit. Boasting headrest-mounted audio and a subwoofer, it’s ideal for playing thrilling action-packed video games – leading to plenty of exhilarating jump scares!

Thanks to the rocker design, this chair moves with you while you game and also features a generously padded foam and faux leather interior to provide the user with ultimate comfort. Despite the absence of wheels, the foldable design means it can still be stored away with ease when you’re finished – what’s not to love?

Available from X-Rocker, £149.99


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