8 Best Apple AirPods alternatives right now

8 Best Apple AirPods alternatives right now
8 Best Apple AirPods alternatives right now

Many users categorically do not accept in-ear headphones, whether wired or wireless, but they also do not want to wear large overhead models. For them, Apple AirPods were invented , which have already received their third incarnation. But what if you don’t want to use “apple” technology, while you want good-sounding alternatives that provide the same or even better wearing comfort?

We have collected in our article the most successful open TWS headphones with decent sound and original technical solutions.


8. 1More ComfoBuds 2

Back when testing the first generation 1More ComfoBuds,  we were surprised by their confident sound and very comfortable fit. The presence of miniature ear cushions does not allow the headphones to fall out of the ear, while the channel does not overlap. The battery life is not too long – 4 hours, but the charging case easily fits in a jeans pocket and brings the total battery life to 18 hours. The headphones have a noise canceling system, and the new generation received IPX5 certification and improved bass tuning. The model is available in black and white.

Pros – very comfortable and secure fit, very decent sound quality

Cons – battery life is not very long

Verdict: The best alternative for little money



These fully wireless headphones are designed for mobile gamers, but not only. They feature an original case design with a transparent inner panel through which you can see a dynamic transducer with a 13mm diaphragm made of polymer and carbon. Claimed battery life is 7 hours on a single charge, the charging case that supports wireless charging adds another 28 hours of battery life, and the charge level is indicated by colored LEDs. The headphones are IPX4 certified, promising good protection against dust and water splashes. The signal delay in game mode does not exceed 38ms, which guarantees a smooth gaming experience.

Pros – original design and functions, charge indicator light

Cons: Currently only available on pre-order.

Verdict: An interesting alternative with an unusual design


6. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The unique design of these headphones will not be to everyone’s taste, and they will not fit all ears, but there are many who no longer recognize other models. The bean-shaped earcups fit into the ear cup and come with several different sizes of silicone eartips to ensure compatibility with different ear shapes. From a single charge, they will work up to 6 hours, you can increase the battery life up to 21 hours using the charging case. Active noise cancellation is also included. The weight of one earphone is 5.6 grams. The model is IPX2 certified, which means it is sweat and splash resistant. The headphones are equipped, in addition to microphones, with bone conduction sensors, and the model is available in five colors. The acoustic part includes 12mm dynamic drivers tuned by AKG.

Pros – Unusual in-ear fit, good battery life

Cons – may not fit anatomically

Verdict: A very original replacement for conventional open headphones


5. Clear Audio Arc

Unlike traditional models, which must either be inserted into the ear and immersed deep into the auditory canal, or placed between the tragus and antitragus of the auricle, here the emitters are simply located opposite the entrance to the canal. The design uses special earhooks that allow the headphones to stay in place even with sudden movements of the head. The acoustic part includes large dynamic drivers equipped with a 16.2mm graphene diaphragm and a powerful neodymium magnet system to compensate for the complete lack of passive isolation. The model has IPX4 certification, which makes it possible to play sports and run in the rain. The operating time from one charge is 7 hours.

Pros – no immersion in the ear, reliable fastening

Cons – you need to order abroad

Verdict: An interesting option for sports



Another model that does not require immersion in the ear – it does not have a nozzle at all, and a secure fastening on the auricle is provided by the behind-the-ear, which allows the headphones to be rotated 120 degrees in order to position the speaker exactly opposite the auditory canal. The earbuds are IPX4 certified, making them suitable for running in the rain. From a single charge, FREEDOTS C1 will work up to 5 hours, coupled with a charging case equipped with a 600 mAh battery, the battery life reaches 22 hours. Touch controls are located on the outside of the headphones, which are available in white, black and orange.

Pros – nothing needs to be inserted into the ear, three colors to choose from, thoughtful fastening

Cons – only individual preferences

Verdict: Good choice for athletes


3. Sony LinkBuds WF-L900

These headphones have a “super open” design. Its essence is to allow the owners to control the situation around, without wasting battery power to operate the microphones in the “transparency” mode. Open acoustic design is complemented by a noise reduction system during voice conversations. Each earbud weighs only 4 grams. The model received the DSEE function, which improves the sound of compressed files. To configure the gadget, use the branded mobile application Sony Headphone Connect. Connection to smartphones and tablets is provided by Bluetooth technology with support for AAC and SBC codecs. The built-in battery will last for 5.5 hours, and when using the charging case, this time can be increased by another 12 hours. Declared protection against moisture according to the IPX4 standard.

Pros – the focus of branded solutions, non-standard form

Cons – not for everyone

Verdict: Unusual headphones for lovers of everything unusual


2. ZMI PurSpace X

The model is distinguished by a case made of titanium alloy and decorated with red decorative elements, while the surface of the headphones has a special coating that prevents slipping. The acoustic part of the model is built on 12 mm dynamic drivers with diamond-like carbon diaphragms. Headphones can be used with or without ear cushions, and the fit is equally secure due to the shape of the shell. The headphones use an original noise reduction system that includes three microphones and a bone conduction sensor. The battery provides 5 hours of operation from a single charge, when using the charging case, the battery life increases to 24 hours.

Pros – titanium cases, advanced emitters, special coating

Cons – only gray

Verdict: For those who appreciate advanced technical solutions


1. Huawei FreeBuds 5

A distinctive feature of this model is the original shape of the case, which provides a secure and comfortable fit in the ear, the presence of headphones is almost not felt. The acoustic part is built on 11 mm dynamic drivers with a double magnet system, which significantly increased the sensitivity of the speaker. The manufacturer claims a lower cut-off frequency of 16 Hz, which is very important in the absence of passive isolation. Active Noise Canceling features three microphones per earcup, while deep learning algorithms keep calls quiet. The headphones are IP54 certified for reliable protection against moisture and dust. Built-in Bluetooth 5.2 adapter supports L2HC and LDAC codecs. The earbuds run for 5 hours on a single charge without noise cancellation enabled,

Pros – very comfortable fit, high sound quality

Cons: Long battery life on a single charge

Verdict: Excellent headphones for those who love comfortable communication and a comfortable fit in the ear