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How to find lost AirPods on Android or iOS

How to find lost AirPods on Android or iOS
How to find lost AirPods on Android or iOS

AirPods are one of our best companions for everyday life. But due to their small size, they can also cause us a headache if we are a little clueless and have a tendency to lose them. Today we tell you  how to find lost AirPods on Android and also on iOS .

How to find AirPods on iOS with the Find My app

It is the easiest way. If Apple has a reputation for having an excellent ecosystem, perfectly integrated between all its products, it is for a reason. And it proves it once again with the option to locate our headphones from the mobile (also the tablet, the computer…).

We will need to have access to the  Find My app , exclusive to Apple equipment. Here we will see a list of the devices that we have linked to our Apple account. We will have two options to find them: by looking on the map where the last time the system detected them was or by playing a sound on them, if we are sure that they are at home.

How to find lost AirPods on Android with Wunderfind

Something more complicated is if we have these headphones but we use them with an Android phone. It is hard but not impossible. In this case, we will need to resort to a third-party application to try to emulate the operation of Find My. There are several, but we recommend  Wunderfind . It is an app that can locate any type of headset that we have linked to our mobile.

Through Bluetooth detection, it is also capable of offering us a map so that we can see their location, or with the premium version we can also make them sound so that it is easier for us to find them in an exact location.

You can download the Wunderfind app to find your lost earphones of any brand (not just Airpods) directly from the Google Play Store .

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