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Guide: 15 life hacks for a better home stereo system

Sometimes it happens that even a cool system “does not sound” at home after installation. Yes, yes, the chic complex, which showed itself in all its glory in the salon, after the purchase and installation in the apartment, does not show itself from the best side. To avoid such troubles, we have compiled this guide – 15 life hacks that will allow you to quickly improve the sound of your stereo system. Hi-Fi / High End technology loves attention – take time to these moments and, we hope, the sound of the complex will start to delight you much more.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

1. Take room measurements with Dirac Live

With a USB measurement microphone and a computer, or just a smartphone, you can accurately measure your listening room and understand where the problem lies. Next, for starters, the easiest way is to experiment with the acoustics setting and evaluate the room resonance reduction. And, after, after, go to other steps from the list – and check their results, again, on the basis of new measurements.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system


2. Use spikes for stands and speakers

The simplest life hack that many do not use, for fear of damaging the flooring. Usually, the spikes also come with washers (or they can be purchased separately) – so everything will be in order with the design, and the decoupling of the speakers from the installation surface will have a very beneficial effect on the sound quality.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

3. Change the machines in the electricity input panel

As a rule, very nasty automatic machines and RCDs can be installed at the entrance to the apartment. Replace them with quality versions from well-known brands – amazingly, the playback quality will improve.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

4. Change the sockets

Fight Cheap Outlets! You will be surprised how seriously such a simple device can affect the sound. At the same time, no one claims that you have to pay a lot of money for audiophile systems – it is quite possible to get by with basic, initial sockets from companies that are well known.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system


5. Get rid of no-name cables. First of all – network!

All the “noodles” are in the trash. Younger versions of branded cables cost “a penny”, and with such a strapping, the complex starts to play much better than the one connected for some unknown reason. The main principle is maximum attention to network connectors. They are the ones that affect the playback quality the most.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

6. Orient the columns according to the principle of an equilateral triangle

Position the speaker towards the listener so that the sides of the speakers are not visible from the listening position. Bass will be more accurate and sound images more focused.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

7. Place a rug in front of the listening area

This is the best option for improving bass note intelligibility and reducing the booming effect. A smooth floor in front of the complex will significantly reduce the overall sound impression.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system


8. Change a light chair to a heavy sofa

Another way to enhance the bass notes and the spatial impression of an installation is to equip it with a heavy sofa that will act as a huge bass trap on its own.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

9. Place the system along the long wall of the hall.

This orientation, as a rule, does not allow the resonant bass wave to unfold in space – first of all, if you have any complaints about the sound of the system, you should try just such an arrangement.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

10. Close the windows with curtains

Large glass surfaces create additional resonant effects. In contrast, windows with heavy curtains will act as additional diffusers. The sound will become more detailed and clear.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

11. Buy a humidifier

Not only does the low humidity in the hall adversely affect the suspensions of the speaker cones, but also the sound quality in a dry room will be lower than in the one in which the correct microclimate is organized. Make sure that the humidity does not fall below 40-50%.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

12. … and air conditioning

Summer heat, plus the inevitable heat release from technology at work, is the best way to forget about listening to music at home. Fortunately, this is now being solved by installing a split system – take care of such equipment for the listening room.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

13. Muffle the corners of the room

Most often, it is the corners of the room that “start up” and form bass modes. The effect is neutralized by installing four (or at least a couple) bass traps – or similar homemade products, for example, sealed polymer rolls, which can be found in hardware stores.

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

14. Place a Schroeder diffuser between the speakers

You can even make an inexpensive Schroeder diffuser yourself – and its influence on the spatial characteristics of the sound can hardly be overestimated. As they say, a must have, which will find a place in any Hi-Fi assembly!

15 life hacks for a home stereo system

15. Buy a test disc

When all the manipulations are completed, the system is measured again, you are convinced that most of the resonances have been eliminated – it’s time to start fine-tuning the sound. Many companies release test discs with a selection of tunes to assess the sound quality – with the help of these recordings you can get a deeper understanding of the problems of your installation, add some more finishing touches to the arrangement, try new cables. In general, polish the sound. Only, most importantly, to “polish” after solving basic problems – otherwise you endless running in a circle.

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