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Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl 2: Universal phono stage with nuvistor output

Musical Fidelity has expanded its Nu-Vista line of components to include the high-end Vinyl 2 phono preamplifier .


Like all models in the series, Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 is distinguished by the use of miniature vacuum tubes – Nuvistors – in the circuit. True, in this case they are used only in the output stage, the correction circuits are made using transistors, and three curves are supported – the classic RIAA , as well as the historical DECCA and Columbia . The user has two pairs of balanced and two pairs of unbalanced inputs for connecting a vinyl player, the outputs are represented by one pair of RCA and one pair of XLR.


The maximum gain for moving magnet heads is 49 dB , for MC cartridges – 69 dB . The corrector has a switchable infra-low-pass filter, the ability to select the desired input resistance (MC) and connect an additional input capacitance (MM). Overall dimensions – 483 x 188 x 510 mm , weight – 22 kg .


The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Vinyl 2 universal phono stage will be sold in the European market for 10,990 euros .

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