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These Portable CD Players conclude the optical discs are back

Despite the fact that the CD has finally lost its position as the main carrier of the music signal, owners…
Top 7 Portable CD Players of 2023
Top 7 Portable CD Players of 2023

Despite the fact that the CD has finally lost its position as the main carrier of the music signal, owners of large collections still need players not only for their large Hi – Fi systems . Listening to C D on the go is becoming popular again, so we have collected in this material the most interesting portable players that can be bought today. 7.YR-90

7. YR-90

Pros – low price, built-in battery, memory card support, transparent body

Cons – lack of Bluetooth

Verdict – fun and inexpensive player

Enclosed in a transparent case, the device supports playback of all major CD formats, as well as files recorded on a memory card (though without Hi-Res). There are four equalizer adjustments – BBS, JAZZ, POP, ROCK. The model has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAh, which should be enough for 6 hours of playback. The model weighs only 220 grams, the set includes wired headphones with a 3.5 mm mini-jack, but their quality leaves much to be desired.



Pros – classic design, convenient controls

Cons – No rechargeable battery and no Bluetooth

Verdict – traditional CD player inexpensively

In this model, everything looks as familiar as possible to experienced CD lovers – the player runs on AA batteries, all controls are grouped on the lid of the device, and there are no other sound sources other than CDs. The large LCD display shows the track number, playback mode and selected audio processing – a total of five options are available. In addition to running on batteries in a portable version, the player can also be powered from the mains – the corresponding USB adapter is included in the kit.

5. August SE10B

5. August SE10B

Pros – classic design, built-in battery, microSD card reader

Cons – the only thing missing is Bluetooth

Verdict – for fans of proven solutions

The model would seem to have stepped out of the pages of 1990s catalogs, if not for the presence of a good lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which is enough for 15 hours of playback, as well as a slot for memory cards. In addition to the headphone output, there is a line output for connecting to external devices. The top panel houses the stereo speakers, as well as all the controls, which are arranged around a large backlit LCD display.

4. Homday W7

4. Homday W7

Pros – HDCD support, built-in speaker, removable battery

Cons: Controls are a bit confusing

Verdict – an excellent player for home and outdoors

Externally, the player looks a little like a wireless speaker, and for good reason – on the top panel, covered with acoustic fabric, there is a 1-Watt speaker. Of course, it is not very loud, but it will help when using the player for background listening. The model has a USB port for flash drives, as well as a linear input on a 3.5 mm jack. The battery here is removable, 18650 type, and can be charged both inside the player and in an external device. Its capacity is 2,600 mAh, which is enough for many hours of work. The model is available in two colors.

3. Trettiter T-CP8

3. Trettiter T-CP8

Pros – built-in battery, original design, HDCD support

Cons – I would like a slot for memory cards

Verdict – stylish player with Bluetooth

The cute portable player is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh, the charge of which is enough for 8 hours of playback. Full charging time is 3 hours, with an LED charge level indicator located next to the USB-C port. To connect headphones, you can use either a traditional 3.5 mm jack or a Bluetooth adapter. All playback control keys are located to the left of the connector block. The player can not only play all types of discs – CD, CD-R, CD-DA, CD-RW, but also supports such a rare format today as HDCD. The player body is made of plastic and aluminum alloy, the model is available in black and white colors.

2. Syitren R300

2. Syitren R300

Pros – original design, good headphone amplifier, capacious battery, optical output

The only downsides are the size and weight

Verdict – an unusual player with good sound

The player can act as both a portable and stationary device. When creating it, the designers were clearly inspired by the best examples of industrial design – a convenient panel with controls is separated from the main unit, both visually and physically. The model has a built-in battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh, which should be enough for 6 hours of playback. The headphone amplifier is built on the AB5305U chip from Infineon and produces power up to 600 mW; the model also has a Bluetooth adapter version 5.3.

1.Moondrop DiscDream

1. Moondrop DiscDream

Pros – capacious battery, high-quality DAC, Hi-Res support

Cons – not cheap, no Bluetooth

Verdict – true portable hi-fi

Offering USB sound card, Hi-Res digital audio player and CD player functions, the multifunctional audio player is powered by a 3,500mAh battery that provides up to 10 hours of playback time. The built-in headphone amplifier provides 500 mW of power, and a microSD memory card slot allows you to use the model as a digital audio player. The DAC unit is based on a chip from Cirrus Logic and an NDK audio class quartz oscillator.

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