Turntables for every budget: The complete guide

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Enchanting vinyl sound, seamless analog sound – once you tasted the sound of a record, it’s hard to forget about it. Turntable sales are now breaking all records, the vinyl renaissance is sweeping the planet, and new turntable models appear on the market almost every month. We have compiled for you a selection of the seven major premieres in this sector in recent times.

7Lenco LS-55WA

7. Lenco LS-55WA

Drive – belt | Speeds – 33, 45, 78 rpm | Weight – 4.38 kg | Tonearm and cartridge included | Dust cover included

A vintage turntable in a new (and inexpensive!) guise – the Lenco LS-55WA is a plug’n’play machine; on board there is not only an MM cartridge and tonearm, but also a built-in phono stage and even a wireless Bluetooth module. In addition, the system is equipped with an amplifier, a pair of miniature speakers (2 x 5 W) and a USB port that can be used for both streaming and digitizing records. Sound, of course, there are not enough stars from the sky, but the thing turned out to be very curious.

Perfect for:  – Dreaming of joining the vinyl game


6. Thorens TD 101 A


6. Thorens TD 101 A

Drive – belt | Speeds – 33, 45 rpm | Weight – n/a | Tonearm and cartridge included | Dust cover included

The youngest in the Thorens TD 101 A line is equipped with a belt drive and an aluminum tube tonearm. Also included is an Audio Technica AT 3600 MM head and a built-in phono stage. Despite the sparing price, the turntable gives out a very confident sound – you can blame it only for its limited bass.

Perfect for: Diligent hosts


5.Technics SL-1200MK7-EG

5. Technics SL-1200MK7-EG

Drive – direct | Speeds – 33, 45, 78 rpm | Weight – 9.6 kg | Tonearm and cartridge included | Dust cover – no

The Technics SL-1200 MK7-EG is an analogue of the Technics SL-1200 MK7 presented three years ago, only now the model is framed in a silver case. The heart of the turntable is a direct-drive motor with a very high starting torque, matching and even surpassing the top turntables of the company, produced in the eighties of the twentieth century. The beloved S-shaped tonearm and the Ortofon 2M Red MM head are not forgotten either. A massive metal plate built into the body and spring supports radically reduce resonances – the total weight of the model is almost ten kilograms. The Technics SL-1200 MK7-EG impresses with its rhythm and precision.

Perfect for: Fans of technological progress


4. Roksan Attessa Turntable


4. Roksan Attessa Turntable

Drive – belt | Speeds – 33, 45 rpm | Weight – 6.3 kg | Tonearm and cartridge included | Dust cover – no

Classic Hi-Fi – Roksan Attessa Turntable, uses a belt drive and a glass platter in an aluminum finish. The selected motor is 24-pole synchronous, it is paired with a digital signal generator and a serious vibration isolation system. The kit includes a composite single-support tonearm (9.5”) and a MM head Roksan Dana, a built-in phono stage is also present. Vibro isolation migrated from the top Roksan Xerxes turntable. The sound of the device is absolutely charming.

Perfect for:  Designing a Hi-Fi system


3. New Horizon Model 301

3. New Horizon Model 301

Drive – belt | Speeds – 33, 45 rpm | Weight – 10 kg | Tonearm and cartridge included | Dust cover included

The New Horizon Model 301 turntable uses a synchronous motor to transmit motion through a pulley; a serious 40mm body, inverted bearing and advanced mounts (combining isolation and resonance dissipation) complete this trendy design. The tonearm is also present, as is the Audio-Technica AT3600L head. The system’s sound is muscular and sculpted, and will appeal to many audiophiles.

Perfect for:  Those who want to get an excellent price / quality ratio


2. AVM Audio Rotation R 2.3


2. AVM Audio Rotation R 2.3

Drive – belt | Speeds – 33, 45 rpm | Weight – 12 kg | Tonearm and cartridge included | Dust cover included

The high-end turntable AVM Audio Rotation R 2.3 is equipped with a serious Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC cartridge, the 37 mm body of the device is made according to the composite principle of MDF and aluminum. Interestingly, the signal-to-noise ratio of the model reaches 70 dB – so, no wonder that the sound of AVM Audio Rotation R 2.3 really caresses the ear.

Perfect for: Audiophiles


1. Kalista DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty

1. Kalista DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty

Drive – belt / magnetic | Speeds – 33, 45, 78 rpm | Weight – 40 kg | Tonearm and Cartridge – Tonearm Only | Dust cover – no

The Kalista brand is a division of the French High End company Metronome Technologie, the brainchild of Jean-Marie Clausel. The device, released on the company’s twentieth anniversary, is made of aluminum, methacrylate and steel, it rests on a three-bearing system with magnetic fluid. The disk is made of copper and weighs 16 kg (the weight of the entire system reaches 40 kg), the drive combines a belt and a magnetic suspension. The tonearm is of our own design; three counterweights are used in its design. This model not only looks chic, but, judging by the reviews, it demonstrates an absolutely natural sound.

Perfect for: Owners of Ultra High End systems