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Top 10 Lenovo Laptops of 2021

Imagine the best Lenovo laptops cover almost every segment of the laptop market. You can search for one of the best ultrabooks , one of the best 2-in-1 laptops , high-performance gaming laptop , there is a Lenovo laptop for everyone. The manufacturer has launched its fingers even into the business segment, which is represented by the Thinkpad series notebooks, as well as the Chromebook segment for those looking for lightweight models.

However, the best Lenovo laptops aren’t just about variety, they’re some of the most affordable laptops on the market. In fact, most of Lenovo’s offerings are less expensive than the competition, but still match them in design, performance, and construction. This makes laptops more valuable than most competitors. And that we have not yet mentioned the tricky 360-degree hinge, which is copied by many, but never turns out to be the same as on Lenovo hybrids.

From high-performance multimedia power to low-cost laptops, here are the best Lenovo laptops of 2021. For work or play, you’ll find a Lenovo laptop that’s perfect for you, and at a fraction of the cost of what you might expect.


Answering the question “Which Lenovo laptop is better?” should be based on your needs. However, we believe the ThinkPad X1 Carbon isn’t just Lenovo’s best laptop, it’s one of the best on the market. The X1 Carbon is great for business users as well as students and casual users looking for a lightweight laptop. The X1 Carbon weighs around 1kg without sacrificing performance or durability as its chassis is military-tested. The X1 Carbon is not just for budget users and gamers.

If you’re looking for a low-cost Lenovo laptop, the ThinkBook 13S is another great option. It offers decent speed, a comfortable keyboard, and decent battery life. If you prefer a laptop made for consumers rather than business users, the Lenovo Yoga 9i is another decent option and a good alternative to the Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 or HP Specter x360 14.

Which Lenovo laptop is best for the gamer? Without a doubt, the Legion series should be watched, namely the Legion Y740 and Legion Y7000 – excellent gaming laptops that can, depending on the configuration chosen, play the latest AAA games. And if you’re on a budget, the Chromebook Duet is a great 2-in-1 laptop with a detachable screen that sells for under $ 30,000.


The best Lenovo laptops consistently rank high in laptop rankings. From superior ThinkPad business laptops to sleek Yoga solutions and budget IdeaPads, our Lenovo laptop ranking will offer the right machine for everyone in 2021.


Best Lenovo laptop - Lenovo Yoga 9i

Powerful and stylish 2 in 1.

Processor : Intel Core i7 (11th generation) | Graphics : Intel Iris Xe | RAM : up to 16GB LPDDR4X 4267 MHz | Screen : 14-inch IPS UHD (3840 x 2160), touch, VESA HDR400, 500 nits | Physical Memory : Up to 1TB PCIe SSD | Connection : Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 | Webcam : 720p.

Pros :

  • Phenomenal performance
  • Excellent battery life
  • Stylus in a special compartment;

Cons :

  • Expensive laptop;
  • The aspect ratio of the screen is 16: 9;

The Lenovo Yoga 9i comes with a stylish design and impressive specs. And by stylish we mean a truly beautiful laptop. We rarely give laptops a ten in a review. The Intel Evo certification alone makes a Lenovo laptop worthy of this rating, and when you appreciate the powerful 11th generation processor, integrated Iris Xe graphics, fast RAM and SSD storage, the choice is clear. It also comes with a Lenovo Active Pen so you can use the 2-in-1 hybrid design effectively, with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and a fingerprint reader for biometric authentication on the system.


Lenovo Yoga C930

A 2-in-1 laptop with little to no compromise.

Processor : Intel Core i7-8550U | Graphics : Intel UHD Graphics 620 | RAM : 16 GB | Screen : 13.9-inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Glossy Multi-Touch with Dolby Vision | Storage : 1TB PCIe SSD | Connectivity : 802.11ac (2×2) + Bluetooth 4.1 | Camera : 720p HD Cam.

  • Pros : Build quality | Reliable functions | Working hours;
  • Cons : Poor graphics performance;

The Lenovo Yoga C930 may be liked by many, so it holds up quite high in the ranking of the best Lenovo laptops of 2021. For starters, Lenovo’s premium portable laptop boasts excellent battery life, reliable feature selection, and a robust design. This 14-inch laptop is not about to be compromised. Its graphics performance could have been better, but the lack of graphics power is made up for by an 8th generation processor, self-loading stylus, amazing speakers and a bright screen. If you’re looking for a reliable all-rounder, you’ll be happy to pay the premium price tag of the Lenovo Yoga C930.


Best Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Laptop

A correct look at what netbooks were supposed to be.

Processor : MediaTek Helio P60T | Graphics : ARM G72 MP3 800Hz | RAM : 4GB LPDDR4X | Screen : 10.1-inch IPS FHD (1920 x 1200) glossy touchscreen 400 nits | Physical memory : 64GB eMMC.

  • Pros : Lightweight and portable | Opening hours | Affordable price tag;
  • Cons : Small keyboard | Charger and headphones in one port;

Is it a Chromebook or a tablet? Well, fortunately, you don’t have to choose any more. True to its name, this Lenovo Chromebook is a dual form factor offering the versatility of Chrome OS and far more features than most of the best Windows tablets . Of course, according to the characteristic trait of all Chromebooks, its battery provides an extremely long runtime – almost 22 hours – you can work all night, then all day and a little more in the evening, you are more likely to fall asleep before the laptop runs out of charge. Given the low price of the device, of course, the manufacturer had to make compromises – the keyboard is tiny, the touchpad is not reliable enough, and the charger and headphones share the same port. However, if economy is at the fore, this is one of the best Lenovo laptops.


Lenovo Yoga C940 laptop

Returns with a vengeance.

Processor : Intel Core i7 (10th Generation) | Graphics : Intel Iris Plus Graphics | RAM : up to 16GB LPDDR4X 3733 MHz | Screen : 14-inch IPS FHD (1920 x 1080), touch, glossy, 400 nits | Physical Memory : Up to 1TB PCIe SSD | Connectivity : 802.11ax (2×2), 802.11ac (2×2), Bluetooth 5.0 | Camera : 720 HD.

  • Pros : Great design and performance | Convenient keyboard;
  • Cons : Expensive laptop | Battery life;

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Lenovo Yoga C940 laptop, which is great on the inside and out. Its design is stunning, but the main factor is the IPS display, which can work like a tablet thanks to the 2-in-1 hybrid form factor, a flawless solution, the Active Pen is extremely enjoyable to use on it, and the fingerprint reader provides biometric authentication for easy access to the system. This is a luxury laptop that everyone in the office will envy. We only want Lenovo to reach the claimed 15 hours of battery life.


Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Even more innovation in a 2-in-1 laptop.

Processor : Intel Core i5 (7th Generation) | Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 615 | RAM : 4 GB | Screen : 10.8 “FHD (1920 x 1080) Flexible E Ink Mobius – 10.8” QHD (2560 x 1600) IPS touchscreen with stylus support | Built-in Memory : 256GB SSD | Connectivity : 802.11 AC (2×2) + Bluetooth 4.2 | Camera : 2MP HD camera.

  • Pros : Slim and light | Excellent display | E-Ink screen;
  • Cons : Very expensive | Low RAM | Old processor;

Similar to the Lenovo Yoga C930, the latest Yoga Book C930 has a lot to love. We appreciated its light and thin design, stunning main display and innovative secondary E-Ink screen that you can use as a note-taking keyboard, among other things. However, users looking for extra productivity may not be satisfied with what a laptop has to offer when it is configured for surfing the Internet, taking notes and light work tasks, watching movies, reading e-books, and drawing. This is one of the best Lenovo laptops for you.



Lenovo Legion Y545

Best budget gaming laptop

Processor : Intel Core i7-9750H | Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti | RAM : 16 GB | Physical memory : 128 GB | Screen : 15.6-inch (1080p) | Size : 360.7 x 266.7 x 27.9mm | Weight: 2.4 kg.

Pros :

  • Elegant and discreet design;
  • Excellent gaming and overall performance
  • Convenient keyboard;
  • Outstanding sound quality;

Cons :

  • Battery life is below average;

The Lenovo Legion Y545 is an entry-level gaming laptop that delivers promises and exceeds expectations. Discrete Nvidia graphics cards in a laptop from $ 999 (75,000r + VAT) offer unexpectedly high performance, the results are beyond praise.

When you’re not gaming, the laptop’s Core i7 processor allows you to comfortably work with spreadsheets, do light video editing, and of course, watch movies on its wonderful 1080p screen.


Game station.

Processor : Intel Core i7 (8th and 9th generation) | Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti – RTX 2070 (Max-Q) | RAM : up to 32 GB | Screen : 15.6-inch (1920 x 1080) IPS anti-glare with G-Sync | Internal memory : up to 1 TB SSD configuration of the two drives | Connectivity : Killer wireless 802.11ac (2×2), Bluetooth 5.0, RJ45 Ethernet | Camera : 720p HD Camera.

  • Pros : Powerful components | Nvidia Graphics Cards | 144 Hz;
  • Cons : Keyboard position | Opening hours | Camera position;

The Lenovo Legion Y740 is hardly a perfect gaming machine – disadvantages such as inconvenient key placement, mediocre battery life and an odd position of the webcam prevent the laptop from becoming the perfect gaming machine. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a low-cost Lenovo gaming laptop that can offer top-notch performance in a sleek design that you can show off anywhere – including the office, if you’re planning to play discreetly during your lunch break – then this is the perfect choice for you. In search of a powerful laptop with some gaming capabilities, here’s the best Lenovo laptop of 2021.



Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

With high performance comes a high price tag.

Processor : Intel Core i7 (up to 8th generation) | Graphics : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (Max-Q) | RAM : up to 64 GB | Screen : 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti-Glare – 15.6-inch 4K UHD HDR (3840 x 2160) IPS Multi-Touch Anti-Glare | Storage : up to 1TB PCIe SSD (x2) | Connection : Intel Dual Band 9560 Wireless AC (2 x 2) with vPro + Bluetooth 5.0 | Camera : 720p HD with ThinkShutter infrared camera.

  • Pros : A sea of ​​performance | 4K display | Great experience;
  • Cons : Heavy | Dear | Opening times could have been better;

Have a lot of unclaimed money and need a powerful workstation? Look no further than the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Mobile Workstation, whose impressive specs are just the beginning. You will also appreciate its bright and crisp 15.6-inch screen, especially if you get the 4K version, as well as a huge amount of memory for your data, which is important when you work. And while, in all honesty, this is not the lightest laptop you will want to carry around, so you will need a durable backpack with padded straps.


Best Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Crabon Laptop (8-Gen)

The best laptop for business.

Processor : Intel Core i5 / Core i7 (10th generation) | Graphics : Intel UHD | RAM : 8 GB / 16 GB | Physical Memory : 256GB / 512GB / 1TB SSD | Screen : 14-inch 1080p or 4K | Size : 322.6 x 215.9 x 15.2 | Weight : 1.09 kg.

Pros :

  • Slim, lightweight Lenovo design
  • Bright panels with a resolution of 1080p and 4K;
  • Best-in-class keyboard
  • High performance;

Cons :

  • Mediocre graphics performance

Lenovo hasn’t offered many changes to one of its best laptops for work and business, however, the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon now boasts 10th Gen Intel processors. In addition to high performance, you get extra battery life (up to 1080p) and two great screens, including 1080p and 4K, all in an incredibly lightweight 1.1kg body.

The outstanding features of the ThinkPad, however, remain the rugged design (MIL-STD-810G standard), the best-in-class keyboard and discreet black and red design – responsible for the greatness of the X1 Carbon.

Yes, we wish the ThinkPad X1 Carbon didn’t ditch the SD card reader available in the previous iteration, while flagship configurations can be extremely expensive, but you’ll have a hard time finding the best business machine.


Lenovo ThinkPad X13 laptop (AMD)

The best laptop under $1000

Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 4650U | Graphics : AMD Radeon | RAM : 8 GB | Physical memory : 256 GB | Screen : 13.3-inch (1080p) | Size : 312.4 x 218.4 x 17.8 | Weight : 1.27 kg.

Pros :

  • Outstanding performance;
  • Robust chassis body;
  • The best keyboard in its class;
  • Wide range of ports;

Cons :

  • Short working time;
  • Thick bezels around the screen

Best Lenovo laptop for under $ 1,000? The budget ThinkPad X13 with AMD processors offers one of the most interesting ThinkPad laptops at a much lower price point than you’re used to.

Some of its features include a portable, minimalist chassis with military-grade ruggedness, an outstanding keyboard, and a host of security features including a fingerprint reader and IR camera. Powered by AMD Ryzen processors, the new ThinkPad X13 delivers incredible performance at an affordable price. The only major drawback is the short battery life, although around 8 hours is not that short.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon remains Lenovo’s best laptop as long as you can afford it, but the ThinkPad X13 is a great budget alternative.

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