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Top 10 common mistakes when charging your phone

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Smartphones have become an important part of modern life. The phone has become a universal assistant, which contains a huge amount of information. The gadget helps to work, communicate, have fun. But there is a fly in the ointment in this “barrel of honey.” The device requires constant recharging. The majority of users, unfortunately, shorten the lifespan of their smartphones themselves. As a rule, just out of ignorance.

We have collected the top 10 common mistakes when charging mobile devices.

1. Charging for a longer time than necessary. The smartphone battery is charged no more than 2-3 hours, quickly reaching 100%. It’s a paradox, but if you charge the phone further, we will get a directly proportional effect – potential harm to the battery.

2. Complete discharge of the device. There is an opinion that the device can be charged only in case of complete loss of charge. This opinion is not true. The minimum level when the phone immediately needs power is 10%. For example, Samsung brand devices are starting to require a charger to be connected from 17%.

glavnaya 6

3. “Non-native” charger. There is a widespread theory that if the charger is suitable, it can be used. It is possible, but a cheap fake will probably shorten the already short battery life.

4. No user turns off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when charging. The list of programs and applications supported by modern smartphones is incredibly long, but there is one drawback: they all waste power.

5. The device works continuously. Nobody works as long as a modern smartphone does. But, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, so the phone also needs a reboot and rest.

6. Unsuitable temperature conditions. Any smartphone should not be used in hot or cold conditions, therefore mobile device manufacturers recommend using the phone at temperatures from 0 to +25 degrees. In cold weather it is generally better not to take the phone out of your pocket.

7. Forgetting to clean your phone. Any gadget must be clean! It is necessary to regularly wipe the device and make sure that all entrances are extremely clean.

8. Do not disable the geolocation function. It needs to be disabled, and enabled only when it is necessary in specific cases. This will protect the battery charge, and as a result, slower battery wear.

9. Included notifications. Mobile device reporting is usually a good thing, but you need to use them very carefully and only allow critical applications to deliver them. The reason is simple: they strongly discharge the smartphone’s charge, and the long-suffering gadget will have time to rest a little.

10. Frequent use of power bank.

Now you are aware, so try not to break these rules, than you can extend the life of your smartphone’s battery.

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