Clubhouse Windows
Clubhouse Windows

Clubhouse Windows Application: How to run Clubhouse on a computer

Clubhouse is still exclusive to iOS – it’s designed for the iPhone, but it can be run in compatibility mode on the iPad as well. Due to the fact that it is still not available on Android and computers, an enthusiast with the nickname stypr  created a  port of Clubhouse for Windows (it is also reported that it can be run on macOS and Linux). The utility’s source code is open – it is  published on GitHub . In this article I will show you how to use the program.

What is the port

It should be noted right away that this program does not have a graphical interface – it runs and works exclusively in the console (“Command line”). However, this should not scare you off, since the main functionality is available: you can view the list of rooms and the number of participants, enter the available rooms and see administrators with ordinary participants, as well as raise your hand for communication – the program broadcasts sound from the Clubhouse in real time.

What you need to run Clubhouse on Windows

  1. Windows 64-bit.  To check the bitness of the system, press the Windows key + R key combination on the keyboard and enter msinfo32 in the field that  appears . After that, a window will open, and in the “System Information” menu you need to find the necessary information in the “Type” column: “Computer based on …”. If “x64” is specified, then you have 64-bit Windows – it works. If otherwise indicated, the program may not work correctly or not start at all, but you can still try.
  2. Registered account.  First of all, after launching the application, it will ask you to log in – enter the phone number and the verification code from the SMS. In other words, only users who have already received an invite to the Clubhouse and have passed authorization will be able to use this port.

Step-by-step instructions for launching Clubhouse on PC

Step 1. Download the installation file from the page on GitHub or from our site – at the bottom of the article.

Step 2. Run the file, administrator rights are optional. After starting, Windows may display a warning that you are trying to launch an unidentified application downloaded from the Internet – this is a standard system protection mechanism that works on all exe-files downloaded from the Internet without a developer signature. Click on the “Details” button below the text, and then select “Run Anyway”.

Step 3. When the console program starts and you will see the inscription “[. ] Please enter your phone number ”, enter the phone number with which you registered in the Clubhouse and press the Enter key on your keyboard. It must be entered with the country code, without spaces and brackets.

Pasted 110

Step 4. Enter the four-digit code sent in the SMS message to the number you specified and press Enter.

Pasted 111

Step 5. If you are logged in successfully, Clubhouse will display a list of rooms in a table. The second column “topic” displays the names of the rooms, and the last one shows the number of participants in them. To enter a specific room, enter its ID – it is available in the first column. You can rewrite it (case sensitive) or copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V). After everything else, press Enter.

Pasted 112

Step 6.  When you find yourself in the group, a new table will appear: the second column “username” displays the names of the participants; in the third “name” – their nicknames; the penultimate one shows whether they are speaking at a particular moment (True – they say, False – they are silent); and the last one tells whether the user is a moderator (True – yes, False – no).

To raise your virtual hand and request the ability to communicate, press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + H on the keyboard. If you want to leave the group, press Enter on the keyboard – after that the list of groups will be displayed again.

The next time you enter the program, you will not have to log in by entering the number and access code. Thanks to this, you can listen to Clubhouse directly from your computer without using an iPhone or iPad.

Download here .