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How to get an invite to Clubhouse


Clubhouse appeared in early 2020. It was created by the guys who previously worked at Google – Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. About a year outside of Silicon Valley, few people have heard about the new social network, but since January 2021, it has begun to gain momentum. By February 1, more than 2 million enthusiasts got into it, and their number continues to grow. However, it won’t be easy to join the ranks of those interested. After installing the Clubhouse application on the iPhone (the version for Android is promised later), it immediately warns that access to the social network occurs with waiting or by invitation.

How to get to the Clubhouse

If you have an invite (this is, in a simple way, an invitation from a person already authorized in the Clubhouse), then getting into the social network is extremely easy.


Step 1. Install Clubhouse on iPhone using this link .

Step 2. Open the application and click on the Have an invite text? Sign in.

Step 3. Enter your phone number and click on the Next button.

Step 4. Enter the confirmation code and click the Next button.

Step 5. Enter your first and last name and click the Next button.

Step 6. Enter a nickname and click on the Next button.

After that, Clubhouse will check if you have an invite. If so, you can start using your new social network to the fullest. If not, you’ll have to wait. Everyone who managed to register receives up to two invitations that can be distributed to loved ones.

How to get an invite to access the Clubhouse


✅ From a friend

Safe way. If someone close to you is already at the Clubhouse, he has up to two invitations that you can send to friends. The main thing is that users on invites inside the application behave adequately. Otherwise, questions will not only be addressed to them – they can also block the one who invited them.


❌ Buy online

An unsafe way. You won’t be able to find an invite on the network for free – the demand for them is too great. Moreover, you will have to answer for the invitees, so random people do not reset permissions to access the Clubhouse. You can pay money for an invite only at your own peril – there is a risk of being left with nothing.

How to access the Clubhouse without an invitation

Use the instructions from the first paragraph of the article: the only thing is, first select the Get your username option. After the remaining steps, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation of the possibility of access, as well as your nickname. The specific waiting time is not indicated – the moderators will inform about the decision.

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