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Skype vs Zoom: Which Video Chat Service Is Better

Zoom and Skype are used for video communication – creating video conferencing, webinars and mass chats. But what is the difference between these programs and in what cases is it better to use Zoom, and when – Skype?

Skype: for calls and communication with regular contacts

For over 15 years, Skype has been one of the most popular video calling services in the world. It’s just structured and works on most devices. But is this program suitable for remote work and large video conferencing?

  • With Skype, you can chat and call your contacts. The service is free but offers subscriptions and prepaid models for calls to mobiles and landlines.
  • To use Skype, you need a Skype account itself or a Microsoft account with an associated email address or phone number. The contacts you want to contact must also go through a similar registration in order for you to make a call.
  • In the past, the program had a version of “Skype for Business” – it offered an advanced set of video conferencing tools and other features that allowed participants to meet in video chats without registering via mail, phone or Microsoft account. This update has been removed from Skype to replace the Business version with Microsoft Teams.
  • However, video conferencing is still possible via Skype – for a maximum of 50 participants. To do this, you need to click the “Meeting” button on the left side of the Skype interface and then share the link to the created meeting with your contacts. However, this meeting cannot be scheduled ahead of time like Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Bottom line: Skype is a good choice if you regularly communicate with the same people from your contact list or use the tool privately – for personal purposes, not home office.



Zoom: for business negotiations

While Skype is useful for regularly communicating with the same people, for professional purposes you should either upgrade to the successor to Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, or use an alternative, such as Zoom.

  • What is Zoom? It is a tool that specializes in video conferencing and online meetings and is designed to make it easy for you to connect with many colleagues at once. It has an online version that runs in a browser and apps for smartphones and PCs.
  • While a person is planning and creating a meeting, anyone who has received a link to the meeting can join it – as they say, without registration and SMS. No Skype accounts are required here – only if you want to. Basically, you just need to enter your name to be displayed in the general chat and the password for the conference room (if any).
  • The free Zoom package includes the ability to create conferences for up to 100 participants and video chats of up to 40 minutes. During the coronavirus pandemic, this limitation was lifted, so many companies began to use Zoom as a free tool for long video sessions. Zoom also offers additional features in paid subscriptions, such as the ability to attend a conference with a large number of users or host a webinar.

Bottom line: Zoom is better for people who want to video conferencing with a large number of people at the same time. Even if conference participants change regularly, it is convenient to use Zoom Link to invite new people to join the conference room without registering.

UPD: Skype is safer than Zoom

It was revealed that there are many vulnerabilities in the Zoom security system that help attackers gain access to users’ personal data. Therefore, if you need to gather up to 50 people in one video chat, it is better to use a more reliable and secure Skype.

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