What is DTS Play-Fi?

What is DTS Play-Fi?

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DTS Play-Fi is a fast growing ecosystem with over 400 products from over 30 manufacturers. Its purpose is to provide high-quality wireless audio transmission from a playing device to an acoustic device reproducing sound via a Wi-Fi network without being tied to a specific brand.

Products that support DTS Play-Fi technology include speakers, stereo systems, AV receivers, media and music players, preamps, and amplifiers. The process is controlled through the Play-Fi application on a smartphone, tablet, computer, and even in smart watches.

However, the most promising, in our opinion, is the use of this technology in televisions. With its special version of  DTS Play-Fi Home Theater , you can create a spectacular spatial sound stage without a bunch of wires tangled under your feet and without loss of quality and additional costs. That is, you will not need any set-top boxes, or transmitters, or adapters, or the so-called audio dongles. By simply launching the application on the screen, you can route the audio signal to a DTS  Play – Fi  compatible soundbar or speakers. In this case, the TV itself can be configured as the center channel of the audio system. Optionally, you can connect up to two subwoofers, giving your sound explosive power.

But that’s not all. DTS Play-Fi keeps connected video and audio devices in perfect synchronization. That is, the discrepancy between sound and picture does not threaten you, which is great news for fans of ultra-dynamic video games. And compatible wireless headphones give you a quality private listening experience without disturbing your household.

Philips OLED936

Philips has become a pioneer in the development of new technology among TV manufacturers . In its current lineup, this standard supports a range of models, including premium  OLED ,  MiniLED , and some mid-range models such as  the PUS8506  Performance Series*. It is expected that other TV manufacturers will soon join the Dutch. So, over the past few months , Toshiba , JVC , Hitachi  and TCL have joined the DTS Play-Fi ecosystem .

* Advanced  DTS Play – Fi Home Theater available on  Philips OLED 986 ,  OLED 936 ,  PML 9636     

Another important area of ​​application of the new standard is listening to music. Especially since it works with common services like Apple AirPlay2 , Google  Chromecast , Spotify  Connect  and Amazon  Alexa .

The DTS Play-Fi mobile app is a powerful tool for enjoying music throughout your home. For this purpose, you can use the TV itself as a player, while its screen will display information about the song and album art. And with the help of the Scenes  function , you can save the music you are listening to and its volume level and return to it later with a couple of touches on the smartphone display.

Popular music platforms compatible with DTS Play-Fi 

And if you’re a fan of hi-res audio, DTS Play-Fi will offer you 24-bit/192kHz lossless signal transmission from music players and streaming platforms like Amazon  Music , Spotify , Pandora , Qobuz  and Tidal .

For a complete list of brands that make up the  DTS Play-Fi  ecosystem, click here . Of course, other methods of wireless audio transmission are available to users, but the technology discussed in this article is unique in that it allows users the freedom to build their system from various devices from different brands to ensure high-quality sound.