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Complete guide on how to connect speakers to your TV

Guide: How to connect speakers to TV

All modern TVs have a good built-in audio system, which is enough to comfortably watch movies and listen to music. But the concept of “comfortable” is very relative, because for someone it is important that the sound is clear, uniform and balanced. Many generally prefer full surround sound – like in a movie theater, but it is almost impossible to achieve such an effect with a regular audio system. The problem is solved in a different way – by connecting the speakers to the TV. The range of acoustic systems is so diverse that you can achieve any sound quality. When using additional speakers and various stereo systems, a completely logical question arises, but how to connect the speakers to the TV so that the output sound is as clear as possible.

how to connect speaker to tv

Ways to connect speakers to a TV

Connecting to a TV can be of two types: wired and wireless. Modern external speakers often provide the ability to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but in most cases such equipment will not be able to provide the proper sound quality. Portable speakers and Wi-Fi stereo systems are not designed for high-quality and uniform sound, but it is still possible to connect them. True, only to new generation TVs. Usually, a wired connection is used, and here you need to pay attention to the connectors through which you plan to connect. It is important not only to make sure that both the speakers and the TV have the same type of connector, but also to choose the best connection method, because there are usually several.

Any speaker system can be connected to any TV, regardless of the manufacturer and release date. The only exceptions are wireless speakers, which can only be connected to modern devices, and even then, not all.

Connectors for connecting speakers to a TV

There are several possible connectors for connecting speakers to a TV, each with its own strengths and weaknesses:

  • TOSlink is a connector for fiber optic cable. Such a cable transmits the signal in digital format without the need to decode it, so that the sound quality is not lost. This connection method can be called a reference, but it is not without drawbacks. Firstly, only a few models of both TVs and audio systems provide for TOSlink connection, and secondly, fiber optic cable is not cheap, and it is quite fragile. In addition, if one of the devices does not have a TOSlink connector, and the second one does, you still won’t be able to connect them, and no wire will help here.
  • HDMI is an alternative digital transmission method. It is much more common than fiber optic, and in terms of sound transmission quality it is practically not inferior. The difficulty is that an HDMI port is provided only in modern devices and it is useless to look for it in a 20-year-old TV or antediluvian music center. But for modern models, this is one of the recommended connection methods.
  • AV-in and AV-out is once the most popular type of connection, and even today is provided in many modern Smart TVs. It is a cable connection, consisting of two or three multi-colored tulip plugs. This type of connection is characterized by serious loss of sound quality and susceptibility to any interference.
  • SCART is a European standard connection that provides several plugs for transmitting sound in digital and analog format. Recently, it has been widely used on TVs, on speakers and audio systems – to a lesser extent.
  • Mini Jack – a connector for connecting headphones or speakers with a built-in internal amplifier. The quality of the audio signal transmission in this case leaves much to be desired.
  • AUX OUT is another outdated connector, but its main advantage is that it can be used to connect almost all devices, since it is widely used.

As you can see, the best connection methods are HDMI and fiber optic cable. The HDMI connector is provided in almost all modern TVs and audio systems, so it is used most often. In addition, it provides good undistorted sound.

Even if the media device and the TV have different types of connectors, speakers can still be connected. But this will require an adapter. The average cost of an adapter is 300 rubles, you can buy it at any stereo equipment store or via the Internet.

How to connect speakers to TV

Before taking on the connection, you should determine the type of the stereo system itself or conventional speakers. There are two types of audio devices: active and passive, this plays a crucial role in the order of connection, so each type of speaker should be considered individually.

speakers for TV

Active speakers

Active speakers differ from passive speakers in that they have a built-in amplifier. For them, you do not need to buy any separate equipment and they are connected directly either to the TV itself or to the TV receiver. These speakers are usually more expensive, but the initial investment pays off because a single good quality amplifier can be expensive. The advantage of such models is that they provide the ability to adjust the sound directly on their body. And we are talking not only about volume, but also about finer tuning: frequencies, bass, etc.

All manipulations for connecting active speakers to the TV must be carried out after they are disconnected from the network!

Connecting active speakers to the TV is very simple – just connect them together. Speakers of the past generation usually provided only RCA connection – it is even easier with them, you just need to use an RCA cable, and connect the plugs on one side to the speakers, on the other – to the TV. The most difficult thing here is not to mix up the inputs, but it is quite difficult to make a mistake, because the plugs are color-coded in accordance with the required connectors.

Note! If the speakers are paired, then only the “leading” speaker is connected to the TV, and the second one is already connected to it. If the TV does not provide an RCA connection (which happens very rarely), use an RCA-to-HDMI adapter.

More modern models provide the possibility of HDMI connection. This is the easiest way to connect – you just need to connect the speakers and TV with an HDMI cable. Moreover, such a cable does not have polarity – it does not matter which end to connect to the TV, and which one to the speakers.

If the TV does not have an HDMI connector, which is typical of outdated models, an HDMI-RCA adapter is required.

Speaker and sound setup

After successfully connecting the speakers to Smart TV or a regular TV, all that remains is to connect all devices to the 220V network. Almost all speakers are made in the “Turn & Use” format – “turn on and use”, so you do not need to install any additional programs or drivers. The TV will automatically redirect the sound from the built-in speakers to the connected speakers.

Passive speakers

Passive speakers do not have a built-in amplifier, so you will need to retrofit the audio system yourself. Also, because of the amplifier, the connection scheme also changes, because it acts as a kind of connecting link between the TV and speakers. To connect passive speakers, you must:

  1. Connect the speakers to the amplifier using the cable that comes with the device.
  2. Connect the amplifier to your TV or receiver. As a rule, an RCA cable with two or three plugs is used.
  3. Connect speakers and TV to the network.

The initial setup of the equipment will also be performed automatically – the sound will immediately come out of the speakers as soon as the TV is turned on. The user will be able to fine-tune using the amplifier.

Consider! The rated power of the amplifier must exceed the power of the audio system used by at least 30%. Otherwise, a weak amplifier may adversely affect the sound quality.

How to connect old speakers from a computer

Older computer speakers are not a good alternative to built-in speakers. But if for some reason they are out of order, the column can come in handy. Computer speakers are connected to the TV either using an RCA cable with tulips, or through the AUX OUT connector. An additional adapter may often be required to connect to modern TVs.

Important! PC speakers may not be connected to a 220V network, but be powered directly from the computer. If connected to a TV, the latter will act as a power source.

How to connect a music center to the TV

The music center is a set of speakers that are interconnected by a connecting wire. From this wire comes a single plug for connecting to a TV. Most often this is a plug for RCA connection, less often – HDMI Out. Therefore, you only need to connect this plug to the TV, using an adapter if necessary, and then connect both the TV and the music center to the network. No additional settings are required.

Home theater – how to connect to a TV

how to connect home theater to tv

A home theater is the same music center, only with speakers of a different type and peculiar rules for their placement. Therefore, there is nothing difficult in connecting it, it will be much more difficult to place all the speakers wisely. Either an RCA cable with tulips or an HDMI cable can also be used for connection. All that remains is to restore the power to the devices, and the setting will happen automatically.

Subwoofer – can it be connected to a TV

Connecting a sub is no more difficult than the same music center, but there are certain features. There are two types of subwoofers: active and passive. An active sub is connected directly using a regular 2RCA cable with “Audio IN” and “Audio OUT” tulips, while a passive system will also require the use of an amplifier with output to a single plug.

how to connect subwoofer to tv

How to connect a portable speaker

Modern portable speakers often provide the ability to connect via Bluetooth, but this method is only available for modern TVs with a built-in Bluetooth module. You will need to turn on the bluetooth on the speaker, go to the TV settings, select the “Bluetooth” section, search for available devices and pair. Some portable speaker models, such as JBL models, also provide alternative connection methods: via a special USB-Jack 3.5 cable or via HDMI. Connecting via HDMI will give you the best sound quality.

How to connect a smart speaker

The latest trend is portable stations that provide voice control of the TV, help in choosing movies and have many other auxiliary functions. A striking example of such a station is Alice, made on the basis of the Yandex browser voice assistant. It will not be difficult to connect the Alice column to the TV, but it should be borne in mind that such systems are connected only to TVs that have an HDMI connector. It is enough to simply connect the portable station and the TV using an HDMI cable (IN-IN), the system will do the rest.

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