Differences between LG G2 and LG C3

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Let’s compare LG C3 and LG G2, one of the most popular LG OLED TVs. These two models have almost identical characteristics, but there are some differences in their design. The G3 is an old flagship that could have come down in price relative to the new C3, which is almost identical to the C2. Undeniably, LG remains the dominant force in the OLED TV market. The company produces exceptional televisions with amazing picture quality.

They show excellent performance that will appeal to moviegoers and gamers as well as casual viewers. OLED technology is the cream of the crop in the TV market because it can deliver better contrast, brightness, and wider viewing angles. What is the difference between LG G2 and LG C3? Which TV can attract more – the old flagship LG G2 or the newcomer LG C3? Let’s figure it out without any hassle.

LG G2 and LG C3: Differences



The G2 and C3 series differ in design. The LG G2 Gallery Edition was designed to be wall-mounted, while the C3 can also be mounted on furniture. The separately purchased original G2 OLED Evo desktop stand can be disappointing as it doesn’t provide enough stability. You need to make sure that pets and guests do not come too close to the TV.

The LG OLED C3 , on the other hand, has a more furniture-friendly design. Each screen in LG’s C Series comes with a solid pedestal-style stand that holds the C3 panels securely in place. The lightweight composite material of the LG C3 TV allows you to easily move the TV around the house if necessary. The G2 TV needs to be thinner than most LG TVs to fit snugly against the wall. But C3 is more than twice as thick – not the panel itself, but the body.



The connectivity options for both models are the same as they have the same list of outputs and inputs. All four HDMI 2.1 ports on both TVs can connect to an Xbox Series X, PS5, or PC and play in 4K at up to 120Hz. One of the HDMI ports is complemented by an eARC channel, which will help you connect a soundbar.

The G2 and C3 TVs also have three USB ports, a LAN port, an optical audio output, and satellite and terrestrial antenna jacks. While LG is experimenting with transparent and wireless screens, it’s clear that most consumers are looking for a TV that does its job of switching exceptionally well. And these two models impress with their connectivity options.


The sound quality of both TVs is excellent. Both achieve good clarity at high dialogue volumes. The power of the 4.2 audio system housed in the G2 TV is 60 watts. The new LG C3 is simpler in this sense with a 2.2 system and a total power of 40 watts. There are various sound modes to choose from. Both LG G2 TV and LG C3 TV also support Dolby Atmos for immersive sound.

But it would be better to turn off Dolby Atmos, because TVs lack upward-facing speakers. You will not get any volume preferences, and the sound will deteriorate. Choose an acoustic setting that uses artificial intelligence and picks up sound using the microphone in the Magic Control.

You will be able to adjust the sound according to the size of your living space. If you’re dreaming of a more immersive sound experience for enjoying movies and listening to music, adding a soundbar is a better option. This may be an LG soundbar or another band, but check compatibility before buying.

Smart TV

Both TVs use webOS, an operating system developed for LG TVs. It is currently called webOS 23 and has additional features such as the ability to create alternate user profiles. However, LG G2, unlike LG C3, works with the previous version of webOS 22.

Another evolutionary difference lies in the chips. The LG G2 is powered by a quad-core α9 Gen5 AI processor. The LG C3 adopts the state-of-the-art 6th generation α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 chip. One of its notable options is the perceived increase in brightness. With its help, the TV can separate the foreground from the background and increase the brightness in areas that your eyes focus on first.

The OS is fast, everything loads smoothly, without delay. The interface is simple and includes popular apps like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video. The remote control has buttons for direct access to these applications. There is also a pointer (cursor) function. The microphone in Magic Control makes it easy to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Image quality

Both the LG C3 and LG G2 produce excellent images, but there are a few details that make them stand out. The G2 and C3 series are based on the improved Evo panel introduced in 2021. Now these panels are offered at a more affordable price. The Evo panel is a new generation of OLED TVs with improved color accuracy, durability and brightness.

It implements more OLED layers to improve color fidelity. LG has moved from a blue hydrogen-based OLED material to a deuterium-based material. The higher atomic mass of deuterium makes blue less prone to degradation. Newer OLED panels use two layers of blue light to solve this problem. This helps improve brightness without worrying about the panel’s performance deteriorating over time.

An additional green emitting layer on the Evo panels is also used to increase the brightness level and expand the color gamut. The main difference between the LG G2 and C3 TVs is that the former has a heatsink. Therefore, its panel heats up less and cools better, which makes it possible to increase the intensity of the driving transistor to provide increased brightness.

Both TVs can achieve the color space and brightness of the new QD-OLED panels that do not use a color filter and white subpixel. These are, for example, the Sony A95K and Samsung S95C series . They can also produce richer colors in brighter images and stay brighter longer across more of the screen.

LG G2 vs LG C3 – which is better

The two TVs, both the LG OLED C3 and the LG OLED G2 are not much different, especially in terms of performance. Their sound quality and connectivity are also the same. The purchase decision will depend on the price and design. If you want a wall-mounted TV, choose the G2, but those who prefer a desktop design will choose the C3. The latter is also slightly more expensive than the G2 because it is the latest version. For the convenience of comparing C3 and G2, we have summarized the main parameters in the table below.

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