How to reset Chromecast with Google TV

How to reset Chromecast with Google TV
How to reset Chromecast with Google TV

Learning to reset or format your electronic devices can be very useful. There are several reasons why you may need to do this. For example, it is usually a good method if you notice that lately its operation is not stable or if you want to delete all your personal data, either because you want to have it back from the factory or because you are going to give it to another person. On this occasion, today we tell you how to reset the Chromecast with Google TV .

Reset Chromecast with Google TV

This method is used to learn how to reset the Chromecast with Google TV. Do not worry, even if you do not have advanced knowledge in the world of technology, since it is very simple and the process is very intuitive.

reset chromecast with google tv

In this case, the steps to follow are the following. With the TV and the Chromecast on, enter the  Settings menu (by pressing the wheel up). Once you are inside, navigate to the  System option and click on it. Next you will have to find where it says  Information . After entering this menu, you will see the  Factory Reset option .

And ready. Please note that this process  will erase all your user data and settings as well , so you will need to be sure before doing this. It is irreversible, so if you have any data that you want to keep, you will have to save it before, then it will be unrecoverable.

This process is much easier to carry out than it was in the previous Chromecast models, since in those cases we did not have an intuitive interface and we had to play at pressing a combination of buttons and look at the LED lights and their colors to know in what state was the process of resetting your Chromecast.