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Looking for a Ultra-thin 2021 TV? Here are last years thinnest TVs!

Samsung Q80T is an example of a truly slim 2021 TV
Samsung Q80T is an example of a truly slim 2021 TV

The era of thick and bulky TVs has long been left behind, today the market is filled with thin devices that fit perfectly into the exterior of any room. All companies have already switched to the production of thin-screen TVs, and now they are faced with the main task: to make the device as functional as possible and achieve the optimal price-quality ratio in order to interest the end consumer. Top manufacturers today are Samsung, SONY, HUAWEI, HENDAY, LG. But there are also less famous brands that are trying to attract attention with their pricing policy. At the same time, even little-known manufacturers are focused on ultra-thin TVs, in some cases they even manage to compete with the giants of the market.

Benefits of thin TVs

The thin walls of the TV allow you to mount it on the walls without using additional stands. You just need to attach special holders that resemble quick installation and hang your TV. When it comes to picture quality, thin-screen TVs have long surpassed their predecessors. Today on sale you can find devices that support the latest resolutions and broadcasting standards, and also contain many additional built-in functions. A few years ago, 1 cm thick TVs were in fashion, which transmitted the picture in HD quality. But starting in 2020, even more modern devices, the thickness of which does not exceed 8 mm, have become popular. These TVs support 4K quality and often have an amplified stereo system.

Advantages of ultra-thin TVs:

  1. Ease of installation.
  2. High image quality.
  3. Stylish design.
  4. Adaptability to any interior.
  5. Availability of various built-in functions.
  6. They don’t take up much space.


  1. Fragility and instability to damage.
  2. Difficulties in delivery.
  3. Price.

Despite a number of shortcomings, modern TVs are gaining more and more popularity. Since the thin bezels of the screen and the features of thin screens have a positive effect on the perception of color and the picture as a whole, even when viewing a 2D image, you can feel the realism of the image. Manufacturers annually optimize all factors that affect the viewing experience: brightness, contrast, overall color perception. At the same time, the race for the “thinness” of the device case is still open.

The thinnest TV in the world – LG OLED65G6V. The thickness of its walls only slightly exceeds 2.5 mm. The cost of such a device is from $1,800.

Modern thin TVs can vary significantly in quality. Most of all, the cost is affected by the quality of the image, and then the presence of additional functions. It is worth noting that many modern devices are extremely multifunctional:

  • Smart TVs are TVs with an operating system that allow you to download online cinemas, surf the Internet and watch movies online, without any additional control.
  • “Picture in Picture” – the ability to view two programs at once.
  • Voice control – the ability to control the device using voice commands.
  • Built-in decoders and tuners for connection to digital TV broadcast frequencies.
  • The curved screen is more of a commercial factor that does not affect the viewing experience in any way. But for this unusual “chip” the buyer will have to throw in 10-20% of the real cost of the TV.
  • The diagonal and the overall size of the TV also greatly affect its final cost.

An important factor is the cost of the device. On sale you can find relatively thin TVs from $100, but full-fledged ultra-thin devices have a completely different price. You can buy such models already from $500. The product range is constantly increasing, which creates good competition for top manufacturers.

Rating of thin TVs in 2021

Consider the latest innovations that have stirred up the market in 2021 and have already managed to gain popularity among consumers.

Samsung QN65Q80T



This TV hit the TOP sales a month after it appeared on the Russian market. Often it is called optimal in terms of the “Price-Quality” ratio.

  1. Diagonal – 65 inches (165 cm).
  2. Thickness – 6.1 mm.
  3. Mounting method – stationary, or close to the wall.
  4. Features – the ability to synchronize with a mobile device.
  5. Price approx $700.

One of the main advantages of such a TV is natural color reproduction and the ability to record a transmission without the use of additional equipment. The disadvantages include the presence of a frame, which negatively affects the overall perception of the picture and makes the image less voluminous.

Samsung QE75Q60R



A more expensive model with a wide base of additional features. The TV has an enlarged diagonal, but is also enclosed in a frame.

  1. Diagonal – 75 inches (190 cm).
  2. Thickness – 6 mm.
  3. Mounting method – stationary, or close to the wall.
  4. Features – the ability to synchronize with a mobile device, an enhanced stereo system.
  5. Price approx $1500.

The model provides improved sound transmission and a three-dimensional stereo system. Such a TV can easily fulfill the role of a home theater. It also provides the ability to record TV shows or your favorite movies to a USB drive. The disadvantage in this case is obvious – this is the cost, which only increased after the device entered the TOP.




One of the representatives of the so-called “seamless” TVs, which does not have a frame, due to which the image becomes as voluminous and unconstrained as possible. The body thickness has also been reduced, and the organic matrix provides an expanded color range.

  1. Diagonal – 65 inches (165 cm).
  2. Thickness – 4 mm.
  3. Mounting method – only close to the wall.
  4. Features – the ability to synchronize with a mobile device, enhanced stereo, voice control.
  5. Price approx $2500.

Today it is one of the top models of the premium segment. High image quality, excellent sound and a beautiful three-dimensional picture without any frames. When attached to the wall, it seems that this is not a TV, but real video wallpaper. Minor disadvantages include the excessive fragility of the device, so transportation and installation should be approached with the utmost care. Well, an important drawback is the price. The TV will cost $ 3,000, so this model cannot be called publicly available.




Another model that does not provide for the presence of a frame. In this case, the manufacturer focuses on the improved image quality, which was achieved thanks to the new generation organic matrix, and high-quality sound. True, the TV cannot be called loud, as it lacks a built-in subwoofer.

  1. Diagonal – 77 inches (195 cm).
  2. Thickness – 4.5 mm.
  3. Mounting method – only close to the wall.
  4. Features – the ability to synchronize with a mobile device, parental control, a unique and multifunctional operating system.
  5. Price approx $4500.

The disadvantage of such a TV also lies in its price. The happy owners of this model say that they have not yet been able to see the best quality.




A reference model that combines all the main strengths of modern TVs. The developers managed to completely get rid of the frame, which limited the visual effect of viewing and achieve the highest picture quality. Separate work has been done with sound upgrades. The LG SIGNATURE 65 OLED R is based on the LG OLED77G7V, but provides a full range of additional features, from phone control to turning on the TV on clap.

  1. Diagonal – 65 inches (165 cm).
  2. Thickness – 3.7 mm.
  3. Mounting method – only close to the wall.
  4. Features – the ability to synchronize with a mobile device, parental control, a unique and multifunctional operating system, advanced stereo capabilities, a three-dimensional picture, 3D sound.
  5. Price approx $6000.

The disadvantage also comes down to high cost. One of the hottest new products of 2021 will cost buyers like a nice used car.

Sony KD-75XG8096

Sony KD-75XG8096

Sony KD-75XG8096

Sony is ready to offer a more budget option. This model is a multifunctional smart TV with a large set of installed software: online cinemas, a good range of recording applications, as well as the ability to independently download software from the store.

  1. Diagonal – 75 inches (190 cm).
  2. Thickness – 5 mm.
  3. Mounting method – stationary, or close to the wall.
  4. Features – voice control, child protection, the ability to transfer an image from your phone and synchronize viewing with mobile devices.
  5. Price approx $1000.

The disadvantages of this model include complexity in management. Users often note that it took them more than one day to master the remote control. There are also reviews on the network about problems when trying to sync the TV with iOS devices. However, the model is undoubtedly worth its money, especially since the Sony KD-65XG8096 TV with a smaller diagonal can be purchased for only $600

Philips 50PUS6704



A small TV that also contains the functionality of a smart TV and allows you to access the Internet. At the same time, the picture quality remains at a high level, and the sound is calculated even for films with 3D stereo. The screen resolution is set to 4K, which provides a perfect image on the display.

  1. Diagonal – 50 inches (127 cm).
  2. Thickness – 8 mm.
  3. Mounting method – permanently, or to the wall on special brackets.
  4. Features – a complete package of smart TV applications, built-in decoders for on-air broadcasting, compactness.

The model is well suited for small spaces, it can often be seen in the kitchen or small bedrooms. The main advantage is the relatively low cost, which makes the TV so popular.


Ultra-thin TVs are a new generation of technology, which today is not yet available to everyone due to the high cost. But if you remember, the first plasma TVs also scared away buyers with their price tag, but when the “boom” passed, they became much more affordable. Today on the market you can find models with a relatively thin body of 2-3 cm for only few hundred bucks. Therefore, in the near future, the price of super-flat TVs will also become significantly lower, while the choice will only grow.

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