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Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2022

Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2022
Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2022

In 2022, there were no changes in the assortment list in the Neo QLED family of Samsung TVs. It still has 8K and 4K resolution models with different types of image and sound processors and different functionality. Updates within the series are more of an evolutionary nature.

Below we compare all the 2022 Samsung Neo QLED TV series with each other for differences. This should help when choosing one of the five possible options for purchasing Samsung Neo Cooled 2022. And at the end, for convenience, we will combine the data into a pivot table. So? What is the difference between Neo QLED and Samsung?

Samsung Neo QLED 2022 TVs Differences

Briefly, Neo QLED is an improvement on existing QLED displays based on Samsung’s quantum dot technology. The biggest difference between Neo QLED and QLED is that the latter uses conventional sized LEDs for backlighting, while Neo QLED has much smaller LEDs. This backlight is called mini LED .

This significant difference in size allows you to form a larger number of backlight control zones. This Neo QLED backlight control is more accurate than QLED , which generally increases contrast, provides deeper blacks.

As a result, the effect is reduced around a bright object against a dark background, a problem that still plagues LCD technology. Currently, the 2022 Samsung Neo QLED line-up includes three lines of 4K TV models and three lines of 8K TV models. We will review the Samsung TV series QN900B , QN800B, QN700B, QN95B /QN94B, QN90B /QN92B/QN93B, QN85B /QN87B.

Resolution and matrix

Three series in the Neo QLED segment have a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels or otherwise 8K. The rest of the models have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It’s 4K or otherwise UltraHD. Traditionally for Samsung, the matrices of all TVs are of the VA type with a color depth of 10 bits, which, unlike IPS, has a high initial contrast. But some diagonals of the QN85B series still use the IPS panel in its ADS modification .

Video Processor

Mini-LED backlight is implemented in Quantum Matrix technology. Every year, Samsung makes changes to the processor, improving image processing. In 2022, the new Neural Quantum Processor 8K and Neural Quantum Processor 4K process 4x more tones with 14-bit HDR processing. The top 8K Neo QLED model has a Pro version.


The difference in the audio systems of Neo QLED TVs is determined by the object tracking option on the screen and the output power level. A grid of speakers located behind the panel gives the impression that the sound is coming from a certain part of the screen. In 2022, this system called OTS received built-in support for Dolby Atmos.


This is another area where the various Samsung TV series differ from each other. The differences are quantitative. Note. That in 2022, all Neo QLED series HDMI ports are HDMI version, supporting 120p content. The 8K models and the QN95B 4K series use the Slim One Connect, which reduces TV connections to a single cable.

Neo QLED comparison

QN900B QN800B QN700B QN95B QN94B QN90B / QN92B / QN93B QN85B/QN87B
Diagonal 85, 75, 65 85, 75, 65 85, 75, 65 85, 75, 65, 55 85, 75, 65, 55, 50, 43 85, 75, 65, 55
Permission 8K 8K 8K 4K 4K 4K
CPU Neural Quantum 8K Neural Quantum 8K Neural Quantum Lite 8K Neo Quantum 4K Neo Quantum 4K Neo Quantum 4K
Quantum Matrix Technology Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quality index 5000 4900 4700 4700 4500 … 4600 4300 … 4700
HDR Quantum HDR 64X (Quantum HDR 4000) Quantum HDR 32X (Quantum HDR 2000) Quantum HDR 24X (Quantum HDR 1500) Quantum HDR 12X (Quantum HDR 1500) Quantum HDR 32X Quantum HDR 24X
Multi View 4 screens 4 screens 2 screens 2 screens 2 screens 2 screens
Sound following an object OTS Pro OTS+ OTS Lite OTS+ OTS+ OTS
Sound scheme 6.2.4 4.2.2 4.2 4.2.2 4.2.2 4.2.2
sound power 90 W 70 W 60 W 70 W 60 W 70 W
Design Infinity One and Infinity Screen Infinity One Infinity One Infinity One Neo Slim Neo Slim
One Connect Module Yes, Y22 8K Yes, Y22 8K Yes, Y22 8K Yes, Y22 4K / No Not Not
USB ports 3 3 3 3 2 2

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