Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2023

Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2023
Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2023

In 2023, Samsung has continued to refine and improve the original Neo QLED TV range with Mini LED backlighting. Similarly, in 2022, the assortment list is presented by already well-known items. This means that the answer to the question “What’s new?” not as important in terms of exciting new feature titles.

But what’s important is that some already impressive models have been upgraded with more brightness, stronger contrast, improved color levels and more. The latest generation of Neo QLED 2023 TVs certainly has even more potential. Our task is to compare all the 2023 Samsung Neo QLED TV series. We will find out their main differences, and we will summarize the data in a table that will help you visually see how Neo QLED differs from Samsung.

Samsung Neo QLED TV Comparison 2023

Samsung Neo QLED TVs 2023 differences

First, briefly about what’s new in Samsung Neo Cooled in 2023. First, the 14-bit Neural Quantum processor with intelligent scaling has been improved. Its Real Depth Enhancer Pro analyzes the elements of the image on the screen in order to adjust the brightness for a more realistic “three-dimensional effect”.

The new panels also boast automatic HDR remastering, which uses deep learning to provide intelligent visual updates to standard definition content. All new models are running OS Tizen 7.0 . As an aesthetic addition, the Neo QLED series are now equipped with the automatic wall mount rotation option previously seen in devices such as The Sero .

It allows users to switch their TVs from landscape to portrait orientation to view media like on a smartphone. In 2023, the Samsung Neo QLED lineup includes three series of 4K TV models and three series of 8K TV models. We will compare the Samsung TV series QN900C , QN800C , QN700C , QN95C , QN90C / QN92C / QN93C / QN94C, QN85C / QN86C / QN87C / QN88C .

Resolution and matrix

Neo QLED 8K TVs have a resolution of 7680 × 4320 and use VA type matrices in all series. In the camp of Neo QLED 4K from Samsung, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, there is no such unity. Only the flagship QN95C series uses VA panels in all diagonals. The QN90C VA TV series uses matrices only in the 43rd and 50th diagonals, the rest is the IPS version of ADS . And the QN85C series and its variations use both IPS and VA matrices.

video processing

Neural Quantum 8K and Neural Quantum 4K processors differ in performance because they are designed to process different amounts of video data. But in both cases, the full-matrix Mini LED backlight is controlled using an improved Quantum Matrix algorithm. 8K TVs use the Pro version.



The differences in the sound systems of Neo QLED TVs are determined by the level of the object tracking system used on the screen, the power level and the number of sound channels. The most accurate OTS system used in the top-end QN900C series is the OTS Pro. The QN800C series works with OTS+, while the simplest QN700C works with OTS Lite. The situation is similar with the 4K Neo QLED 2023 models. All 8K and 4K series support Dolby Atmos.


Here, the essence of the differences between different series lies in whether they use the One Connect switching module or not, as well as in the number of ports. Unlike the 2022 Samsung QN95B , the QN95C does without Ony Connect, i.e. all Neo Kuled 2023 4K TVs have built-in ports. 8K models are more fortunate in this sense, they are connected to the switching unit with a single cable. And it looks much more aesthetically pleasing.

Neo QLED comparison

QN900C QN800C QN700C QN95C QN92C/QN93C/QN94C QN90C QN85C / QN86C / QN87C / QN88C
Diagonals and matrix 98, 85, 75, 65 all VA 85, 75, 65 all VA 85, 75, 65 all VA 85, 75, 65, 55 all VA 75, 65, 55, 43 – IPS, 50 – VA 85, 75, 65, 55 – IPS-ADS, 43, 50 – VA 85, 75 – VA, 65, 55 – IPS
Update frequency 144 Hz 120 Hz 60 Hz 144 Hz 120 Hz 120 Hz (43, 50 – 144 Hz) 120 Hz
Permission 8K 8K 8K 4K 4K 4K
CPU Neural Quantum 8K Neural Quantum 8K Neural Quantum Lite 8K Neo Quantum 4K Neo Quantum 4K Neo Quantum 4K Neo Quantum 4K
Quantum Matrix Technology Pro Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video processing in HDR Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro Neo Quantum HDR 8K+ Neo Quantum HDR 8K Neo Quantum HDR+ Neo Quantum HDR+ Neo Quantum HDR+ Neo Quantum HDR
MultiView 4 screens 4 screens 2 screens 2 screens 2 screens 2 screens 2 screens
Sound following an object OTS Pro OTS+ OTS Lite OTS+ OTS+ OTS+ OTS
Sound scheme 6.2.4 4.2.2 4.2 4.2.2 4.2.2 4.2.2 2.2.2
sound power 90 W 70 W 60 W 70 W 60 W 60 W 60 W
Design Infinity Screen Infinity One Infinity One Infinity One Neo Slim Neo Slim Neo Slim
One Connect module Yes, Y23 8K Yes, Y23 8K Yes, Y23 8K No No No No
USB ports 3 3 3 2 2 2 2

In the table above, we have shown the main differences between Neo QLED TV and Samsung in 20023. Definitely some seem significant (for example, the type of matrix used), some not so much (for example, the type of OTS object tracking audio option). But we hope that these indicators will help in choosing a particular TV. Happy shopping!

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