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Samsung TV lineup 2024

Samsung QD-OLED and QLED TV lineup 2024
Samsung QD-OLED and QLED TV lineup 2024

At the consumer show CES 2024, Samsung came out strong and announced its entire line of QLED and OLED TVs with 8K and 4K resolution. There are also new stylish products – for example, the updated The Frame. There is also a pleasant surprise in the form of a new transparent microLED TV.

Many 2024 Samsung TV series have already passed through the Korean certification agency for official presentation. In 2024, Samsung is taking all its TVs to the next level. In this regard, everything is connected with the use of artificial intelligence and improving the anti-glare properties of screens. In particular, there has been progress in smart scaling and enhanced motion clarity.

As for Samsung OLED, the company is already touting its 2024 lineup as the first glare-free OLED TVs. The QD-OLED S95D differs from its predecessor with a number of interesting improvements, such as the Infinity One design, Slim One Connect body and, as mentioned, an anti-glare OLED panel. The S90D will be equipped with a Neural Quantum Processor and Pantone certified to produce the most vibrant 4K images combined with stunning colors.


Samsung Neo QLED comes with incredible features like AI motion enhancer, AI upscaling and brilliant contrast enhancements. Samsung’s two 8K Neo QLED models for 2024 are the QN900D and QN800D, both of which will be the thinnest 8K TVs on the market. In general, in all Samsung 2024 TVs, the name ends with the letter D. Below we will give a preliminary review of Samsung 2024 models.

Samsung TVs 2024

First, a few words about the noticeable technological changes in Samsung TV 2024. Samsung is looking for ways to reduce the cost of producing its panels in order to make its TVs even more competitive in price. Currently, QD-OLED panels require two glass substrates. If you can discard one and maintain the current properties, production costs will decrease.

Another possibility is to implement a low-temperature substrate manufacturing method, which will produce high-quality QD-OLED panels with impressive pixel densities and at a lower cost. And the third option that the Korean giant is considering is the use of inkjet printed panels. Most likely, these options will begin to be used with varying degrees of probability in 2024.

What’s new in Tizen 8? The new system introduces profile management functions. Each family member can personalize the TV interface according to their preferences. Three main tabs appear on the screen: For You, Direct, and Apps to show you recently used sources and recommended content. Direct offers access to currently broadcast programs and a TV guide. Applis is an application store.

Tizen 8 also introduces two new menus: Daily+ and Now+. Daily+ provides quick access to the SmartThings dashboard for managing your smart home, as well as Desktop mode for connecting to your PC or Microsoft 365. Now+ displays widgets (weather, traffic, news) and security cameras, as well as information related to family members , such as birthdays or meetings. All these features are available using voice commands.

Samsung 2024 - design

S95D OLED 2024 4K

The S95D OLED, an updated version of last year’s S95C OLED, takes an already well-designed foundation and adds a host of upgrades to it. This series of Samsung 2024 TVs, like the younger S90D series, will be the first OLED screen with an anti-glare panel. The S95D OLED will have a 144Hz refresh rate and Dolby Atmos support via high-height speakers.

Many will be pleased with FreeSync Premium Pro support and a 4.2.2-channel OTS+ audio system with a power of 70 W. The Slim One Connect Box will also make your viewing area as wire-free as possible. Thanks to the Infinity One design, the Samsung S95D TV will also be incredibly thin and easy to set up.


S90D OLED 2024 4K

While the S90D OLED may be a little less immersive than the previous one, it still features some of the new internals, chief among them the 4K Neural Quantum Processor and Dolby Atmos-certified speaker system. Add-ons like FreeSync Premium, Pantone Validation and 120Hz refresh rate make it a real paradise for gamers. Enhancing the gaming experience is Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, which provides support for 4K 144Hz VRR.


The Samsung QN900D Neo QLED with 8K resolution certainly looks attractive. This Mini LED TV uses a wide range of premium features not found on any other model in Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup, including AI Motion Enhancer Pro, Infinity Screen, 240Hz VRR, Quantum Super Resolution Pro and (of course) Mystic Floating Stand .

The QN900D uses the Neural Quantum Processor 8K Pro, which enables some significant AI-powered enhancements such as smooth ball tracking when watching sports or converting SD, HD and 4K content to 8K video on the fly. The OTS Pro 90W 6.2.4Ch audio system and certified Dolby Atmos are also a big plus.


The QN900D steals most of the glory from Samsung’s Mini LED 2024 TV segment, but that shouldn’t leave the QN800D Neo QLED unnoticed. It has most of the same features as its more premium siblings, but on a slightly smaller scale. These are, for example, the same AI Motion Enhancer and Quantum Super Resolution (only this is not the Pro version).


It’s a stunning 8K 120Hz display with tons of features like 165Hz VRR and ultra-wide viewing angles. So no matter where you are in relation to the TV, you’ll never miss what’s on the screen. The QN800D will also feature Real Depth Enhancer Pro, which will also be available on the QN90D.


This year, both 4K QLEDs will get a beefed-up processor with a host of AI improvements. The QN90D Neo QLED TV will be no stranger to the mentioned AI upgrades such as Real Depth Enhancer, Expert Calibration and Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro. It will be equipped with a Dolby Atmos OTS+ audio system with a power of 60 W. This massive audio support coupled with an anti-glare screen will complement Samsung’s ongoing commitment to innovation in TV viewing angles.


The QN85D Neo QLED TV will also feature a Neural Quantum Processor 4K chip with advanced artificial intelligence that takes AI HDR remastering and Motion Xcelerator Turbo to the next level. The Eye Comfort mode should ease some of the strain on your eyes, as bright lights, flashing colors, and other harmful video effects can be eliminated with the help of artificial intelligence. Based on the NeoSlim design, the QN85D OLED will also fit easily into the home, making it ideal for anywhere from the living room to the kitchen.

Samsung QLED 2024

It is expected that the Samsung Q90D, Q80D, Q75D and Q70D series will borrow technical equipment from last year’s Q90C, Q80C , Q70C . Namely, the mixed use of VA and IPS matrices with support for direct FALD LED backlighting, with HDR10+ certification, VRR 120 Hz and FreeSync Premium Pro. The performance improvement will directly depend on the Neural Quantum 4K processor.


Samsung Lifestyle 2024

The Frame line will receive an update in the form of improved color processing, improved energy efficiency and a companion app (both web and mobile) for easier image uploading. The new Art Mode, as Samsung calls it, will give the TV a dynamic refresh rate, lowering it to 60Hz to save monthly power consumption when needed. The addition of the app will also make it easier for users to find and upload their favorite pieces of art to The Frame without having to endlessly search for the perfect image.

In addition to this, Samsung has introduced the Music Frame, which is a much smaller version of The Frame and is positioned as a pseudo-subwoofer of sorts. Music can be played over Wi-Fi with crisp and clear sound from a music frame that can be placed on a wall or surface. The frames will also support G Symphony to create the perfect soundscapes in your home.

Samsung QD-OLED and Neo QLED TVs 2024 model year


Samsung QE75S95D
Samsung QE65S95D
Samsung QE55S95D

Samsung QE75S90D
Samsung QE65S90D
Samsung QE55S90D


Samsung QE98QN900D
Samsung QE85QN900D
Samsung QE75QN900D
Samsung QE65QN900D

Samsung QE85QN800D
Samsung QE75QN800D
Samsung QE65QN800D


Samsung QE98QN90D
Samsung QE85QN90D Samsung
Samsung QE65QN90D
Samsung QE55QN90D
Samsung QE50QN90D
Samsung QE43QN90D

Samsung QE85QN85D
Samsung QE75QN85D
Samsung QE65QN85D
Samsung QE55QN85D


Samsung QE98Q90D
Samsung QE85Q90D
Samsung QE75Q90D
Samsung QE65Q90D
Samsung QE55Q90D

Samsung QE98Q80D
Samsung QE85Q80D
Samsung QE75Q80D
Samsung QE65Q80D
Samsung QE55Q80D

Samsung QE85Q75D
Samsung QE75Q75D
Samsung QE65Q75D
Samsung QE55Q75D

Samsung QE85Q70D
Samsung QE75Q70D
Samsung QE65Q70D
Samsung QE55Q70D

4K The Frame TVs

Samsung QE85LS03D
Samsung QE75LS03D
Samsung QE65LS03D
Samsung QE55LS03D
Samsung QE50LS03D
Samsung QE43LS03D

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