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The best TVs for a bright living room

The best TVs for a bright living room

Most modern TVs are quite capable of providing comfortable viewing in a bright living room. However, for such conditions, it is preferable to choose models that have a special anti-reflective screen coating and a sufficiently high brightness.

In this brief review, we will look at TVs that best fit these conditions, taking into account the cost of purchase.

1. The best LED TV for a bright living room – Samsung Neo QLED QN85A

This premium model uses an advanced  MiniLED backlight for exceptional brightness and better picture control. And the presence of a local dimming system will allow you to comfortably enjoy night movie shows.

The special glossy anti-reflective coating on the  QN85A  ‘s screen perfectly absorbs the light that hits it, without obstructing viewing in good daylight conditions. The high performance of this  Samsung  TV makes it a great choice for outdoor use as well, although it will need to be protected from the weather.

The  QN85A  ‘s daytime sports programs look great. The smart Tizen  platform  of this TV has a simple and intuitive interface, offering a huge selection of content to watch. The QN85A  also boasts a wide viewing angle for when you’re at the screen with friends and family. In addition, the TV has powerful gaming features including low input latency, instant response and support for  HDMI 2.1 and  FreeSync .

Let’s also note a couple of weaknesses of the  Samsung QN85A . Although this model is equipped with an advanced 60W 2.2.2 configuration object-oriented audio system, the sound quality may not satisfy some demanding customers. Distortions in her work are especially noticeable at levels close to the maximum.

In addition, backlighting causes screen flickering, which can annoy some sensitive viewers during prolonged viewing. In general, the  Samsung QN85A is a great TV for bright living rooms, which will leave most of its customers satisfied.

2. The best compact LED TV for a bright living room – Sony KD-43X80J

The Samsung QN85A is only available in large diagonal sizes starting at 140 cm. If you need a smaller screen, take a look at the  109 cm Sony X80J ( X81J in some markets ) . However, we note that this TV is still inferior to the “Korean” both in terms of brightness and anti-glare characteristics, and we would not recommend viewing it in conditions of intense lighting, such as in a room with large windows.

In addition,  Sony X80J is inferior in class to  Samsung QN85A , as it is equipped with a simple backlight without local dimming and may disappoint fans of advanced  HDR format .

However, the X80J  has a number of undoubted pluses, including a wide viewing angle, excellent factory calibration of picture parameters, and an excellent low-format content scaling function. A smart platform  Google TV this model has a user-friendly interface and offers a rich selection of programs for viewing.

3. Best OLED TV for a bright living room – LG OLED C1

The LG C1 has good peak brightness and excellent anti-glare performance, making it a great choice for bright rooms. In addition, this TV offers a wide viewing angle and is great at upscaling low-definition content. Take out your old discs and rediscover your favorite movies with the  LG C1 . The smart webOS  platform  of this TV is one of the best on the market, and the unique  Magic Remote control will help you quickly find content to watch.

OLED  TVs  cannot compete with their  LED/LCD counterparts in terms of brightness, but their strong point is another equally important characteristic – deep contrast.

4. The best budget TV for a bright living room – Samsung AU8000

Don’t expect any revelations from this TV in terms of stunning  HDR  picture quality and the latest in gaming technology. The task  of the AU8000  on the Tizen  smart platform  is to provide the average buyer with a quality image without unnecessary features and at an affordable price, which he does very well. Offering good peak brightness and high contrast ratio, this TV has a superb semi-gloss anti-glare coating that many more expensive counterparts envy for comfortable viewing in a bright room.

Another plus  point of the AU8000  is its excellent zoom function, which improves the viewing experience of low-format cable programs. And finally, the model has a stylish appearance with an inconspicuous frame and a slim body.

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