The best ways to connect your phone to your TV

The best ways to connect your phone to your TV
The best ways to connect your phone to your TV

Didn’t take a laptop , but you need to show a presentation? Have you shot a vivid video on vacation and want to show it to your friends or relatives on the big screen? If there is a TV in the room, everything will take 5 minutes at most.

In this article, we have compiled an accessible instruction on how to connect your phone to a TV simply and quickly. USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi – choose what you like best and view content on the big screen.

Connecting the phone to the TV via cable

This method is suitable even for some older models without Smart TV. The main thing is that they have special ports on the case.

Types of cables that are suitable for such a connection:

  • HDMI
  • USB
  • MHL

In the case of an HDMI cable, you need to use a USB adapter, often also called a TV adapter. If you have an iPhone, you will need a multi-adapter with an HDMI and Lightning connector.

  1. Plug the cable into the TV and phone. Use the adapter to connect the cable and smartphone.
  2. Once connected, select “Connect via HDMI” in the TV settings. A message will appear on the smartphone screen about connecting the screen – click “Allow”.
  3. If you did everything right, the working screen of the smartphone should be displayed on the TV, after which you can freely control it through  your device.

If you need to connect your phone via a USB cable, then it is still easier here, since even old TVs have such a port. With it, you can use your mobile device as a flash drive, displaying photos, videos and even music on a large screen. Please note that in cases with a Lightning connector, an additional adapter may be useful.

Another important point – before buying a TV cable, make sure that your phone can transfer data and play video via USB, since not everyone has this option.

USB connection is similar to HDMI, only in the TV settings you need to select USB as the signal source. Once connected, the screen will display the folder structure or a list of files that the TV has scanned and recognized.

Data transfer via Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is only possible with a special module in the phone. Most often it is found in Samsung and Sony Xperia models. To find out for sure, install the MHL Checker app and check your smartphone.

Devices are connected through a special adapter. Connect one end of the cable to the TV and the other end to the adapter. Connect the adapter to your smartphone, an image should appear on the TV screen


MHL adapter /


How to connect your phone to your TV wirelessly

In this case, you can use DLNA, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

DLNA is a local area network that is used to exchange data. To connect, you need a router and an Android phone. To use iPhone, you need to download additional technology-enabled apps, such as iMediaShare.

  1. To connect your phone to a TV via DLNA, look in the settings to see if this format is supported on your TV.
  2. Then connect both gadgets to Wi-Fi and activate the DNLA function in the TV settings.
  3. Next, open the desired media file in your phone and find “Select player” in the menu.
  4. All that’s left is to click on the name of your TV in the list.

If you have a Smart TV, they support direct data transfer via Wi-Fi. To do this, just find the appropriate function in the TV settings, then click “Direct Connection” and select your device from the list of available devices.

When asked how to connect a phone to a TV via bluetooth, the answer will be the same as via Wi-Fi. If your TV does not have “native” Bluetooth, special receivers will help.

Which connection method to choose

Everything here is individual and depends on your convenience and technical characteristics of the devices. As a rule, Android smartphones are more versatile, they can connect to virtually any TV.

The iPhone, in turn, requires downloading additional programs or searching for special adapters. However, Apple smartphones still have one advantage – AirPlay, which provides content transfer to Apple TV over the air.

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