The complete 2023 Sony TV lineup
The complete 2023 Sony TV lineup
The complete 2023 Sony TV lineup

The complete 2023 Sony TV lineup

In 2023, Sony decided to refrain from presenting its TVs at CES 2023. However, a recent event in Weybridge, England confirmed that the brand is still committed to becoming a major global TV player in 2023. What changes have been made to Sony 2023 TVs? Have TVs come with new technology?

Sony TVs 2023

Representatives of the company spoke in detail about each new TV model that Sony is going to release in the coming months. The one thing Sony didn’t mention was the OLED TVs, which use the new microlens technology used in LG’s upcoming G3 TV series. However, Sony has a pretty good excuse for this. She talked about the second generation of RGB Quantum Dot OLED technology, which she first applied in 2022.

Sony A95L

As with Sony’s 2022 lineup, Sony’s new second-generation QD-OLED TVs are positioned as flagship 4K TVs. The benefits of the new generation of QD OLED panels are improved energy efficiency, wider viewing angles, and improved ambient light filtering.

Sony A95L
Sony A95L

By combining much brighter second-generation QD OLED panels from supplier Samsung Display and Sony’s latest XR cognitive processor, Sony claims the A95L will be able to deliver almost twice as much brightness in peak areas as last year’s models. In tandem with proprietary XR Triluminos Max technology, the TV will receive a much larger color volume from the “pure” RGB structure.

Sony’s 2023 XR processor improvements include the XR Clear Image system. This system will be present in the new Sony X95L, A90L and A80L lines, as well as the A95L. XR Clear Image provides cleaner and more detailed upscaling up to 4K, as well as improved synergy between TVs in the same range.

The design of the A95L is different from that of the A95K. The large, full-width stand that can be placed either in front of or behind the screen has been replaced with a pair of legs that attach at an angle and elegantly curve back behind the screen. The TV can either be placed straight up on its legs or lifted up a couple of inches to accommodate the soundbar.

Thanks to the new 77-inch screen size, the legs can be placed in a more central position so that the TV can be placed on relatively narrow furniture. However, this option is not available on 65-inch models and below.

The A95L TVs boast IMAX Enhanced certification, Calman Ready calibration certification, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision playback , and support for Sony’s Bravia Core high-quality streaming service. A95L TVs will be equipped with two full-range HDMI ports capable of providing all the features for gaming: 4K@120 and variable refresh rate.

Sony has also introduced a dedicated in-game menu to help keep track of in-game settings. Sony claims that the A95L is the only new model that supports both Dolby Vision game mode and Multi-view technology, which allows two video windows to be displayed on the screen at the same time.

The sound is provided by Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, where the screen itself becomes a speaker system. The sound design provides a 2.2 channel configuration with additional audio features including Sony 360 Spatial Sound personalizer, surround sound optimization and 3D Surround upscaling.

Sony continues to use Google TV as the platform of choice for its smart TVs and the included Bravia Cam. In addition to being able to make video calls on the A95L, this camera can analyze the room to automatically optimize picture and sound quality.


Sony TVs 2023

Sony X95L Mini-LED

Sony strikes again with its new X95L series. This time she shows off her Mini LED XR Backlight Master Drive panel with more local dimming zones supported. Sony never likes to discuss the exact number of dimming zones. There are supposed to be about 20% more than the Sony X95K , and the peak brightness is about 30% higher.

The X95L series received a full set of Cognitive XR processing features, including XR Contrast Booster 20, XR Triluminos, XR Motion Clarity, XR Clear Image, XR Upscaling, X-Anti Reflection filtering, and an X-Wide Angle system that should preserve color and contrast even when watching TV from a wide angle.

Sony X95L Mini-LED
Sony X95L Mini-LED

X95L TVs will continue to support IMAX Enhanced, Calman Ready, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision. Google TV smart features and Perfect For Playstation features are also retained, with the same level of HDMI game support and Dolby Vision Game and MultiView game menu features as the A95L series.

Sound The X95L has an Acoustic Multi-Audio+ system in which sound is reproduced by speakers located around the TV cabinet. The result is a cleaner sound stage. The effects seem to come from the correct spot on the screen. This is again a 2.2 channel configuration.

It is also supported by Acoustic Center Sync, Ambient Optimization, 3D Surround Upscaling and 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser. The design has a relatively massive back, as you would expect from Mini LED technology. From the front, however, the X95L is very similar to the A95L. The screen can also sit directly on the support legs, or lift up to accommodate the soundbar.

Unlike the A95L, all X95L screen sizes allow the legs to be placed in a more central position if the user does not have wide furniture. The final difference from the A95L is that the X95L does not come with a Bravia Cam, although one can be added as an optional extra.

Sony A80L OLED

For OLED fans who can’t afford the A95L series, Sony has introduced the new A80L line. This series uses “regular” WOLED technology , capable of delivering an increase in brightness of around 10% over last year’s A80K TVs .

Sony A80L
Sony A80L

The A80L’s imaging features include XR OLED Contrast Pro, XR Triluminos Pro, XR Clear Image, XR 4K Upscaling, and XR OLED Motion. Sound, as with all Sony OLED TVs, Acoustic Surface Audio+. The system has a 3.2-channel configuration backed up by the same four audio timing, calibration and processing options as described for the A95L and X95L.

The level of gaming support is also unchanged from the X95L, as is support for Google Smart TV, IMAX Enhanced, Calman Ready, Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos, and Bravia Core. The design features a thin metal frame that “blends” into the surface, dark aluminum legs that can be attached in three different positions.

The TV has a less expensive metal remote control than the A95L and X95L. This remote does not have a backlight like the more premium models. The A80L series also supports the Bravia Cam, but the camera will have to be purchased as an optional extra.


The Sony X90 LCD series has always offered a great combination of high brightness and decent contrast for the money. Sony’s X90L series TVs use a combination of local dimming and XR Contrast Booster 10 direct LED lighting. Other features associated with the XR processor include XR Triluminos Pro, XR Motion Clarity, XR Clear Image, and XR 4K Upscaling.

Sony X90L

The TV is equipped with an Acoustic Multi-Audio sound system, which provides only two channels here, but still supports Acoustic Center Sync, Ambient Optimization, 3D Surround Upscaling and 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser. The TV also provides gaming support, as with more expensive models.

There are also technologies such as IMAX Enhanced, Calman Ready, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision and Bravia Core. Bravia Cam is also supported as an option. The design combines a dark silver aluminum seamless frame with dark silver legs that can be mounted in three different configurations.

Sony X85L FALD

With Sony’s 2023 TV lineup, this series has been made more interesting by moving from direct backlighting without local dimming (in 2022) to a local dimming FALD backlight configuration. With the X85L series, Sony has used all the technology from the X85TK series . However, not all screen sizes in the X85L line will use high contrast VA panels .

Sony X85L
Sony X85L

However, all X85L series models have 100/120Hz panels. This means the user will get the same 4K/120Hz, VRR, PS5 and game menu features found on Sony’s more premium 2023 LED TVs. The processor in the X85L will be less powerful – X1 4K HDR. This limits the image capabilities of the X-Motion Clarity, Trilmuminos Pro and the Sony 4K X-Reality Pro system.

However, HDR content will still be remastered, which can improve sharpness and detail. The X85L has a simpler two-channel Sony X-Balanced Speaker audio system instead of Acoustic Multi-Audio support. However, Ambient Optimization and Dolby Atmos technologies still remain in the X85L.

The X85L series is still certified Calman Ready, but there is no IMAX Enhanced certification. The series has Smart as Google TV, support for optional Bravia Cam. X85L only supports two kinds of foot arrangement. However, in each position, the TV rises high enough to accommodate the soundbar.

Sony X80L Edge LED

Compared to 2022, the X80L offers many more screen sizes at extremely competitive prices than the X85L. The biggest step back from the X85L is the switch to Edge LED backlighting , which experience has shown to deliver lower contrast and local brightness than the X85L with Direct backlighting .

The X80L series have 50/60Hz screens instead of 120Hz. Therefore, support for games in 4K @ 120 Hz mode and variable refresh rates are inevitably lost. While the set still supports Sony PS5’s special features, low latency auto-switching, and Sony’s new game menu.

Sony X80L Edge
Sony X80L Edge

The X80L has an X1 4K HDR processor to support Triluminos Pro and 4K X-Reality Pro. As you might expect, there is no X Motion Clarity system. Sound is provided by less powerful two-channel X-Balanced speakers with surround optimization. What is most surprising is that Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support is still available.

Also available is Calman Ready certification and Bravia Core support. The design of the X80L is simpler than the pricier siblings, but it’s still paired with a flat bezel, two separate stand options (55″ and up) and a very neat screen bezel.

Sony X75WL Edge LED

Sony X75WL TVs have a 4K X1 video processor. This is one more step back. The video processor does not support remastering of SDR content to HDR, as in higher-end models. The Triluminos wide color gamut technology used in all other Sony 2023 TVs is giving way to the smaller Live Color system.

This indicates the use of a much lower quality side-lit LCD panel. The panel has a 50/60Hz refresh rate. Therefore, there is no support for 4K@120 and VRR. However, the user still gets Sony’s special features for PS5, ALLM, and the new game menu.

More surprisingly, the X75WL TV is Calman Ready certified, has Google TV, and supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR. The design of the TV is even simpler. The black-framed screen rests on a pair of very simple legs.

However, the legs can be arranged in either a wide or a narrow configuration. The frame is no longer flush with the screen. But it’s still surprisingly narrow for an entry-level TV. It’s also surprising that the Bravia Cam is still available as an option.

2023 lineup from Sony TV

Knowing the marking of all series and the diagonal in each series, nothing prevents you from compiling a complete range of Sony 2023 TVs for Europe.

Sony XR-77A95L.
Sony XR-65A95L.
Sony XR-55A95L.

Sony XR-85X95L.
Sony XR-75X95L.
Sony XR-65X95L.

Sony XR-83A80L.
Sony XR-77A80L.
Sony XR-65A80L.
Sony XR-55A80L.

Sony XR-98X90L.
Sony XR-85X90L.
Sony XR-75X90L.
Sony XR-65X90L.
Sony XR-55X90L.

Sony XR-75X85L.
Sony XR-65X85L.
Sony XR-55X85L.

Sony KD-85X80L.
Sony KD-75X80L.
Sony KD-65X80L.
Sony KD-55X80L.
Sony KD-50X80L.
Sony KD-43X80L.

Sony KD-75X75L.
Sony KD-65X75L.
Sony KD-55X75L.
Sony KD-50X75L.
Sony KD-43X75L.