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webOS 24 and how it differs from webOS 23

LG is taking a new approach to its update strategy with webOS 24.

webOS 24 and how it differs from webOS 23
webOS 24 and how it differs from webOS 23

LG is taking a new approach to its update strategy with webOS 24. Owners of TV models starting in 2022 will benefit! In other words, LG is trying to improve its operating system and make it even more flexible in terms of updates from last year’s versions. This corresponds to the company slogan: “Life’s Good”.

webOS 24. What’s new?

LG said that starting with the 2024 model year, it wants to distribute major webOS updates that have been rolling out for four years. Previously, the manufacturer made only the latest version of its operating system available for the latest generation TVs. However, there is now good news for those who own LG Smart TV from 2022 ( webOS 22 ).

New features

According to LG, all of the company’s TVs will be updated to webOS 24 starting in 2022. This means that TVs will receive a new home screen design and enhanced personalization options. You can create up to ten user profiles. Each profile will have recommendations based on previously watched movies and other TV shows.

webOS 24 and its differences from webOS 23

webOS 24 and its differences from webOS 23

The company also promises that access to viewer-selected content will become even easier. That is, genres such as music, sports, movies and others will be intuitively sorted thanks to the Quick Card interface, which visually resembles the screen design on smartphones.

In addition, users will be provided with a high degree of uninterruption and security when watching their favorite programs. New TVs offer features such as AI Sound Pro, Dynamic Tonemapping Pro or improved AI upscaling. However, there is speculation that the new features mentioned are chipset dependent.

Therefore, older models may not have the full range of new features available. The exact period during which LG will distribute the webOS 24 update to TVs from 2022 is also unclear. In any case, the entire lineup is taken into account – including, for example, the popular LG OLED C2 , QNED models with mini-LED backlighting, as well as the LG OLED Flex and LG OLED Objet Collection Posé.

By updating to the latest version, more than 200 million LG TVs running webOS will receive the update, thereby improving the quality of service. In addition, the company has invested additional funds to expand its services, libraries and video content. This way webOS is going to become even more competitive.


LG webOS will launch advertising?

However, one should see in this strategy not only advantages, but also some disadvantages. LG has already made it clear in the past that webOS will be turned into an advertising platform. The press release about the webOS update does not hide this information. LG explains that the new webOS update for older smart TVs will allow advertising partners to make their content and services available to a wider audience.

At the same time, the company plans to place an even display of recommendations and advertising. So, owners of older TVs should think twice before upgrading their webOS operating system to the 2024 version. By the way, LG also wants to confirm that other already available TV models will also receive webOS 24, but at a later date. More 2023 smart TVs will be updated first. All of LG Home Entertainment’s innovations regarding webOS24 are demonstrated at CES 2024, which will last from January 9 to 12.

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