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Why you need a big screen TV and why it should be a Sony

Why you need a big screen TV and why it should be a Sony
Why you need a big screen TV and why it should be a Sony

There is not even anything to argue about here. The average screen size purchased is growing inexorably around the world. Larger TVs are becoming more affordable and their picture quality is getting better. Isn’t it time for you to think about how to embellish your home leisure? The big TV is breathtaking films, stunning video games, exciting sports and documentaries.

Manufacturers have almost stopped producing flagship models with a diagonal of less than 140 cm. If you want to enjoy a quality viewing experience, then in our opinion this threshold should be the minimum for your searches. But we advise you to pay attention to even larger screens.

Let’s call them super-large – diagonals from 190 cm and above. They offer a number of advantages over their smaller counterparts. Today, their offer on the market is as great as ever, and prices are affordable for a wide range of customers.

Sony is one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, including super-large ones. In the current offers, we counted 16 models of those in 21 sizes with prices starting from $1000.

Super large image

This is exactly the case when more is better. A large image draws viewers more into the story of what is happening on the screen, giving a whole sea of ​​amazing experiences. Remember your feelings in the cinema and try to transfer them to your own living room.

On a large screen, 8K super-high definition is best realized with 32 million pixels. Yes, 8K content is still in short supply, but Sony’s powerful processors are capable of upscaling lower video formats admirably. This year’s lineup of the Japanese manufacturer includes one model with super high resolution. This is the Sony Z9J 8K Master Series, replacing last year’s ZH8 8K Master Series. It is offered in two diagonal versions – 190 cm and 216 cm . Z9J is equipped with the latest Sony Cognitive XR processor, which uses “cognitive functions” in its work for optimal image and sound processing.

Don’t be discouraged if the price of the Sony 8K flagship puts it out of your reach. The more affordable top-end 4K LCD models – X95J and  X90J – are also equipped with the same cognitive processor  . The first is offered in two super sizes of interest to us – 190 cm and 216 cm , the second – in one, 190 cm . One of the main differences  between X95J and  X90J is that the screen of this TV is equipped with X-Wide Angle and X-Anti Reflection functions to increase the viewing angle and improve anti-glare properties. They will be very useful when your whole family and loved ones gather for a collective viewing.

And if you want to surprise your guests even more, then Sony has something special for you – super OLED screens. These premium monsters – the  211cm A90J and  195cm A80J – are expensive, but their image quality is exceptional.

A hallmark of Sony TVs is the use of a number of exclusive technologies aimed at improving picture quality. These are TRILUMINOS PRO for rich color reproduction, HDR Remaster, which gives the usual picture an HDR effect and three-dimensionality, XR Motion Clarity and Motionflow XR, which increase the smoothness and clarity of dynamic scenes, XR Contrast Booster to optimize contrast, and several others.

Big TV sound

Sony is a recognized leader not only in video technology, but also in audio processing technology.

So, LCD TVs based on the Cognitive XR processor use Acoustic Multi-Audio technology, designed to link sound to its source on the screen for increased realism of perception. Among them, the Z9J and  X95J stand out , offering an impressive channel configuration with good power.

The Acoustic Surface  Audio+ technology in OLED TVs serves the same purpose. Its feature is the use of the screen itself to generate sound waves due to vibration, enhancing the immersive effect.

All TVs based on the Cognitive XR processor use XR Surround technology, which converts a regular audio track into a virtual 5.1.2 configuration stage that envelops the viewer from all sides.

Video games on the super big screen

All Sony 2021 models from  X85J and above support HDMI 2.1 interface and are capable of receiving 4K/120Hz signal from next generation game consoles. They are marked with a special  Perfect for PlayStation 5 marking , emphasizing their high gaming performance.


Year after year, Sony TVs have been attracting increased attention from experts and the public alike for their superior picture and sound quality, smart features and cutting-edge performance. A wide range, including an excellent selection of impressive super-large screens, is another hallmark of the Japanese manufacturer.

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