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Sonos Headphones: Rumors of In-ear headphones from Sonos

Sonos headphones

Rumors of upcoming Sonos headphones are becoming more and more substantiated – information about future models was revealed in materials filed with the US Patent Office.

In addition to recent information on Sonos full-size headphones, we are now talking about in-ear models – with the patent specifying two headphone designs and three charging cases for them at once.

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The documentation also follows the expected: future Sonos headphones will receive voice control and the ability to synchronize with “multiple network devices”. Understandably, headphones will be part of the Sonos ecosystem anyway.

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Another interesting idea from the Sonos patent documents is the use of removable batteries for in-ear “truly wireless” headphones. These batteries (or “charging adapters” in Sonos terminology) will look like tiny plates.

They can be fixed to the top panels of the headphones, for example with magnets. The drawings even show how they should be charged. Quite a real alternative to traditional batteries that are not yet separable from headphones.

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