Android Auto 9.9 now available new beta

Android Auto 9.9
Android Auto 9.9

If you closely follow Google’s platform dedicated to automobiles, you should know that its update trajectory remains unchanged with new versions coming onto the market almost monthly, although it is also true that the news is still conspicuous by its absence. This is the new case for Android Auto 9.9.

Android Auto 9.9 is the latest version that has appeared on mobile devices and is currently present in beta format, so only people who have registered to be part of the closed group of the beta program will be the only ones to see the Update available on Google Play. Unfortunately the first reports do not allow us to see changes beyond the typical bug fixes and stability improvements.

Android Auto 9.9, the last step before the changes?

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Android Auto 9.9 still does not incorporate new features

Despite the fact that Android Auto in its 9.5 format had reached user devices last month without going through a beta version before, now Google has decided to launch it to a small group before releasing it in a stable format in the coming weeks. .

Although a list of bug fixes that this version will fix has not been specified, it is always recommended that in case of any performance problem or disconnection of Android Auto that appears when using it in your car, try downloading this update. And it is that usually each version adds small corrections and internal improvements that are usually mentioned publicly.

On the other hand, the numerical name suggests that Google is finally ready for the launch of Android Auto 10 with a series of features that have been expected for months, especially after some advances from the same company and references in the internal codes of the App. From a new “Material You” visual style to more freedom to choose the launcher apps in your interface , we still have to wait a little longer.

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