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BMW promises to release a solid-state battery for electric vehicles by 2025

German auto giant BMW has announced its plans for a new type of battery for electric vehicles. We are talking about solid-state batteries.

BMW says it will develop solid-state battery technology suitable for use in production vehicles by the end of the decade. And the first demonstration electric car with a new type of batteries will be presented until 2025. Some experts believe that solid-state batteries will help make electric vehicles more affordable for the mass market.

The new technology will increase energy density by 50% over current lithium-ion batteries. In other words, the capacity of solid-state batteries will be one and a half times greater while maintaining the same dimensions. This means that the range of electric vehicles will increase, making them more attractive for long-distance travel.

“The most environmentally friendly electric vehicle in the world will be BMW – from the start of production to disposal after use. We are developing the battery of the future: it will be powerful, safe and recyclable. All of this will be built within the European supply chain, ”said BMW Management Board member Frank Weber.

BMW hopes that its research and development in this area will reduce the cost of producing electric vehicles to the level of cars with modern internal combustion engines, the production of which is significantly less expensive, since the market for electric cars is still in its infancy. The company wants to increase the specific energy of batteries and at the same time reduce the cost of electric cars.

By the way, earlier BMW promised to release a dozen new all-electric cars by 2023. At the end of this year, the BMW i4 sedan, along with the iX, will join the German brand’s electric car range. The company is also preparing for the release of electric versions of the BMW 5th and 7th Series, as well as the successor of the Mini Countryman.

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