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China builds mobile robots for charging electric cars

Envision Group, one of the largest wind turbine (wind turbine) manufacturers in China, plans to address the country’s chronic shortage of electric car charging stations for the foreseeable future. To do this, engineers have developed a project for mobile robots Mochi, which will deliver energy to the car without the need to place the vehicle in a specific location.

And this is not just a project “on paper”, but a ready-made development – the company representatives said that they plan to test the robot in Shanghai and Singapore this year, after which the device will probably be sent to other regions.

According to the developers, the robots will be available through a special application on the smartphone – the driver can leave his vehicle anywhere, then call Mochi through the software and go about his business. At the same time, there is no need to help the robot in charging the electric car – it will independently gain access to the charging compartment, connect and supply as much energy as necessary.

“You no longer need to waste time looking for a free charging station. And you don’t have to wait for the car to charge. We can easily place our robots in the parking lots of all large buildings, ”said Lei Zhang, CEO of Envision Group.

Considering that the problem with the infrastructure for electric cars at the moment is almost the main problem on the path to full electrification, mobile robots have a right to life. It is worth noting that at the end of 2020,

Tesla also demonstrated its development in this direction (their robot looked more like a metal snake), but so far the development has not reached the release. The Envision Group, apparently, has much more chances of success in this direction.

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