Elon Musk commented on the fatal accident with Tesla: The autopilot was not turned on

Tela Model S, moving at high speed, did not fit into the turn and crashed into a tree. The car caught fire was extinguished for four hours

Elon Musk

Last Saturday, April 17, in Texas, there was an accident involving a Tesla car, which caused the death of two people. It was argued that no one was driving the electric car, as it was moving on autopilot and the computer system lost control at high speed and allowed a collision with a tree. However, Tesla founder and head Elon Musk claims that things were very different.

Elon Musk commented on the fatal accident on his Twitter page. He denied information that the Tesla Model S sedan in the accident was driven by an unmanned system.

“The recovered data from the logbooks show that the autopilot was not turned on, moreover, this car did not buy FSD (Full Self-Driving, a set of software for an autopilot),” said Elon Musk.

He added that in order for the autopilot to work in standard mode, it is necessary that the roadway be marked, and there were no markings on the road where the accident occurred.

Previously, Tesla has repeatedly said that the autopilot system with which electric cars are equipped is not completely autonomous and the driver must still follow the road and be ready to take control at any time. And in this accident, as reported by the media, no one was driving the car.

One victim was in the back seat and the other was in the front passenger seat. Now the investigation of the resonant accident is being carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Council for Transport Safety.

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