Honda U-Go: Affordable electric scooter

Honda U Go

The Honda U-Go is presented in two versions with a starting price of $ 1150 dollars. True, this price will be fair for the Chinese market. The basic version of the U-Go scooter  is equipped with a 800W motor with a peak power of 1.2 kW. This is enough to accelerate the scooter to 43 km / h.

The standard version of the  Honda U-Go received a 1.2 kW engine with a peak power of 1.8 kW, which allows it to reach speeds of up to 53 km / h. At the same time, both models have a battery capacity of 1.44 kWh, which is enough for about 65 km.

Honda U Go 1

At the same time,  Honda has provided the ability to install a double battery. Other features include a 26-liter trunk, dimensions of 1790 x 680 x 1080 mm with a weight of 83 kg, an LCD display, LED optics and the ability to accommodate two people on a scooter.

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