KEF to install Uni-Q coaxials in Lotus Emira

KEF to install Uni Q coaxials in Lotus Emira

British companies KEF and Lotus have teamed up to create an audio system for the Lotus Emira roadster. Not only that, we are talking about a broader partnership – the sound from KEF will appear in the next generations of sports cars and premium electric cars of Lotus.

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The 10-channel sound system uses Uni-Q technology for the first time in a production vehicle. The speakers, according to the press release, are “acoustically integrated with the interior of the vehicle.”

Uni-Q coaxial drivers are capable of reproducing the mid-high frequency spectrum from a single point, more accurately representing the sound stage. According to KEF, the result will be “a more coherent and hyper-realistic sound.”

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“We are delighted that KEF’s first foray into the automotive industry is with Lotus,” said Simon Clare, executive director of marketing for Group Lotus.

The Emira, a mid-engined sports coupe, is unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, UK, starting today. The car is slated for release in 2022.

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