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Kia K8 will receive audio system from Meridian Audi

Meridian and the Audio Kia announced a partnership agreement, under which the premium sedan Kia K8 get a surround sound system on the basis of Meridian Technologies. Actually, it is the new proprietary technologies of this company that will become the main feature of the car’s sound system.

The car will receive 14 speakers and a whole package of DSP systems. Meridian Horizon technology enables the playback of conventional stereo recordings in multichannel format, fine-tuned to suit your needs. Meridian’s lntelli-Q Data-Driven Equalization technology will automatically adjust the sound based on “vehicle-reported data.”

Meridian Digital Precision processing ensures high sound quality regardless of the format being played. Finally, the Meridian RE-Q Cabin Correction will eliminate resonance and noise. The head of Meridian Audio John Buchanan (John Buchanan) noted that the audio system, despite its high technology, should be “easy to use.”

“Our engineers are familiar with the problems that can arise in the car audio system. We are constantly researching and have been able to develop several technologies to achieve the ultimate in car entertainment system. Meridian and the Kia team have worked together a lot. We created a sound system specifically for the K8, and it should provide a truly immersive immersive audio experience for both passengers and driver, ”Buchanan said.

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