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Microlino: Swiss electric city car with a range of up to 200 km is coming this september

Swiss company Micro-Mobility continues to refine its Microlino micro-electric concept, inspired by the retro BMW Isetta minicar. At the moment, the creators of the model have assembled and brought to tests a prototype Microlino 2.0, which compares favorably with the first versions of the model.

The most important change is that instead of a tubular frame, a full body made of stamped steel and aluminum parts is now used, which provides the rigidity and safety necessary for production cars. Thanks to this step, the developers expect to certify Microlino 2.0 for use in Europe as early as this summer, and to start sales in September.

The Microlino measures 2430x1500x1450 mm, weighs only 513 kg (including the battery), while it accommodates two people and a load of 220 liters. The electric car belongs to the L7e class, it is equipped with an electric motor with an output of 11 kW and a torque of 100 Nm. The maximum speed is limited at around 90 km / h, while the first 50 km / h of the electric car is gaining in just 5 seconds.

The Microlino customer can choose between two Lithium-Ion (NMC) batteries – standard 8 kWh or optional 14.4 kWh, with the former providing 125 km of range and the latter 200 km. Charging with a maximum power of 2 kW is supported, but given the small capacity, a full charge will take about 4 hours.

Recall that at the very end of last year, Toyota introduced an ultra-compact two-seater electric car Tiny C + pod with a 9 kW engine, 9 kWh battery and a price tag of $ 16,000. In turn, the Chinese brand Baojun is already successfully selling a pair of electric city cars E300 and E300 Plus with a power reserve of up to 300 km at a price of $ 9,000, and the French are selling a two- seater Citroen Ami electric car with a power of 6 kW, a battery of 5.5 kWh and a power reserve. 70 km.

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