Porsche has developed an adaptive soundtrack for any driving situation

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Porsche Digital is working on adaptive music algorithms in the car. This is not about adjusting the volume or the timbre of the sound: the music will correspond to the traffic situation, weather, place and time, speed and, perhaps – not, even most likely – the mood of the driver.

Depending on all this, not only the tempo, the set of musical instruments and effects, the character and emotionality of the performance will change, but also the melodic basis itself. “This is not playing personalized playlists or adjusting the tempo and pitch to match the speed of the vehicle,” explained Norman Friedenberger, development manager. “It’s about a constructor with different sounds and musical structures.”

Elements of Nonlinear Music Soundtrack My Life is created by Boris Salchow, a German film composer based in Los Angeles. The system generates music from them. Moreover, each time it is actually a new soundtrack, the duration of which is at least three to five times longer than that of an ordinary song.

“We will work with musicians to create soundtracks for situations, landscapes or moments: for example, for driving on country roads, at night, in city traffic or in certain regions of the world,” Salchow said. “We deliberately avoid using artificial intelligence because people and their creativity should be the focus.”

A mobile application has already been created for using My Life outside the vehicle. From the information from Porsche, we can conclude that My Life is being developed on the basis of the Porsche Macan SUV. As for the actual appearance of the My Life technology in Porsche cars, the time of the development of the development on the market has not yet been announced.