Sony announced plans to go into production of electric vehicles

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Sony will create a new division to develop electric vehicles. This was announced in a press release from the company. For this, a separate company, Sony Mobility, will be established in the spring. As a result, Sony expects to enter the electric vehicle market, but no specific dates have been set yet.

The main advantage of Sony in this area is its extensive experience in the production of sensors for lidars, which are used for self-driving systems. The company also has an edge in the audio and infotainment sectors, which are important in the next generation of vehicles.

Sony also unveiled a prototype of a new electric vehicle, the Vision-S 02, emphasizing that the company’s priority is safety: the prototype is equipped with 40 sensors to ensure safety.

Back in 2020 at CES, Sony unveiled a prototype of the Vision-S electric vehicle. In December of the same year, the car was first tested on European roads, and in April Sony conducted a test drive using remote control via a 5G network.