spin s 200

Spin S-200: Self-driving electric scooter coming 2021

Already this year, we are waiting for the development of the Valet platform of the well-known service for renting electric scooters Spin – Spin S-200 models will appear on the streets in the USA . Based on the Segway Ninebot, these vehicles will sport an arsenal of “tomorrow’s” capabilities.

Spin S-200 will receive a full-fledged remote control, a pair of cameras and a GPS module – with the help of which service operators will be able to return it to the base at a speed of up to 5 km / h.

A replaceable battery pack will allow you to instantly put a discharged scooter into operation. And after some time, the Spin S-200 will receive an autopilot option, which will make it possible to call the transport to the desired point – the model will arrive at the place on its own.

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