ASUS ProArt PA32DC: OLED panel with built-in auto calibrator

OLED panel with built-in auto calibrator

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The ASUS ProArt PA32DC is a world first in monitors, being the first 4K OLED with built-in calibration. A screen that also stands as the owner of HDR incorporating a multitude of formats.

ASUS ProArt PA32DC, display for color professionals

The brand new reference ProArt PA32DC stands out within the display sector as one of the best studio monitors on the market. Asus presents us with a fantastic 4K resolution OLED panel and built-in calibration tools .

Product characteristics

Asus expands its ProArt series with the reference PA32DC . This new monitor offers us a 31.5-inch panel , of the aforementioned OLED type , with the usual 4K resolution , therefore, capable of capturing 3,840 x 2,160 px on the screen. The product meets the DisplayHDR 400 True Black specification , and has a 10-bit color depth . It is a display that covers the color space DCI-P3 of the 99% , while the color space Rec. 2020 is covered in 80% .

OLED panel with built-in auto calibrator


This Asus panel provides users with Delta E <1 color accuracy and 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio . It also stands out for the very low response time it offers, of just 0.1 ms .

Other monitor details

The company marks a world first for this product by equipping it with an integrated calibrator . An advance used for the screen to accurately render HDR and SDR content . This feature ensures that the monitor maintains its long-term color reliability. Calibration is performed by software free ProArt of ASUS .

Another distinctive feature of the ProArt PA32DC monitor is having a carrying handle that facilitates both safe transport and simple placement in the desired location. Let’s also not forget that it includes covers on the sides and the top. Finally, by buying this model from the ProArt series , the manufacturer gives away a 3-month subscription for the Adobe Creative service .

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