Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2: Ultralight gaming mouse from MSi

Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2
Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2

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The Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2 mouse is a new gaming peripheral proposal from the MSI brand . A device with a minimalist appearance, but with enough appeal to win over gamers. However, what is really interesting are its features and performance.

Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2, a device that flies on the table

The MSI company continues to increase its catalog of peripherals for video game enthusiasts . This time it is the turn of a gaming mouse , simple in appearance, but that holds more than one surprise. We are talking about the Clutch GM41 Lightweight V2 model . An accessory that, as its own commercial name indicates, is the revision of a previous product.

Device Features

This new version of the product features the PixArt PMW-3389 optical sensor . The element offers a maximum resolution of 16,000 DPI ; It has the ability to record accelerations of up to 50G ; and has a sampling rate of 400 IPS . The big advantage over its predecessor is the NVIDIA Reflex latency analyzer . Thus the device captures system latency from start to finish and provides an accurate measurement of PC performance .

MSI GM41 Lightweight V2 Clutch

The new MSI mouse retains the same ambidextrous design , very simple visually, but tremendously functional. The peripheral has dimensions of 130.1 x 67 x 38.3 mm , the manufacturer striving that all the parts that make up the product and its structure are as light as possible. A goal achieved, as the mouse weighs 65 grams .

More accessory details

This model has 6 programmable buttons . The two main ones have OMRON mechanical switches , guaranteeing a minimum useful life of 60 million clicks without problems.

The mouse boasts firmness in the heat of games with its rubber side grips . Likewise, it ensures a sensational glide with its Teflon feet and the low-friction FriXionFree cable that minimizes friction with the mat. To finish off the peripheral, the touch of RGB LED lighting with the MSI dragon logo is integrated.

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