Google announces AI features in Gmail, Google Docs and other services


Google announced AI-powered assistive features across a range of Google Workspace services: Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Thus, the company is trying to catch up with competitors in the use of neural networks, including Microsoft, which has begun implementing Bing AI wherever possible.

Despite the announcement, in the near future only one tool will be available to testers – writing texts using AI in Google Docs and Gmail.

In the future, there will be other functions that will be offered to users:

  • Assistance in preparing responses, resumes, commercial offers and other types of documents.
  • Text editing.
  • Adding automatically generated images, audio and video to the document.
  • Structuring and analyzing raw data, as well as writing analytical conclusions.
  • Create new backgrounds and add notes to Google Meet.

The example below shows how the command “Help me write” (“Help me write”), supplemented by a small explanation about the need to describe the vacancy for the position of regional manager, generates ready-made text, which the user can then edit at will.

Google also demonstrated how its artificial intelligence is able to create a full-fledged text based on a few brief notes made by the user. In this case, you can choose the style of writing a letter, for example, formal. In this example, a neural network from a small unlabeled list creates a full-fledged letter.

Google’s attempt to bring its AI assistants to market faster comes with some risks. It is known that artificial intelligence is unreliable and often provides false information, so at first, users will have to check the creations they have created, be it text or audio recording.

In the near future, similar functions should appear in the products of another company – Microsoft. AI capabilities will be available to Office users, including Tearms and Outlook.

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