Intel has released a commercial mocking Apple fans

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Intel has shown a new promo video for its products. In it, the company assembled a focus group of true Mac fans, in front of whom the features of a Windows PC were demonstrated.

Previously, the processor manufacturer did not intervene in the struggle between platforms, since he himself worked closely with Apple. However, with the release of the last of its own chipsets, the cooperation came to an end.

In the new video, Intel has invited to the presentation supposedly fans of Apple products, who, according to Intel itself, are firmly committed to one brand. These people were shown various solutions that have been on the Windows laptop market for a long time, but not in the MacBook. For example, additional screens, the availability of tens of thousands of games, the ability to transform a laptop into a tablet, which allows you to save money on the refusal to buy two separate models.

Apple fans are asked about their attitude to the possibility of upgrading the RAM and permanent memory of laptops – it has always been lacking in the devices of the company from Cupertino.

In the story, all avid Mac users are absolutely delighted with laptops and Windows computers and decide to abandon the usual platform in favor of “innovation”. Intel’s head of development noted that all the participants’ reactions were sincere.

Of course, this is just an advertisement, but Intel tried to show it that among Apple users of technology there are many adherents of the brand of the same name, who completely devote their information field to one company and are not at all interested in what is happening in the rest of the market.

However, many people did not like this type of advertising – the video collected much more dislikes, relative to likes.