LG unveils huge UltraGear curved gaming monitor

LG unveils huge UltraGear curved gaming monitor

The LG 49GR85DC-B is the monitor capable of giving you the strongest gaming experience you can imagine. A huge screen, similar to the symbiosis of a pair of monitors, with qualities that immerse you in the game.

LG 49GR85DC-B, immersive gaming experience

From its label specialized in gaming , UltraGear , the LG company presents you with the 49GR85DC-B ultra-panoramic proposal . A monitor where you can enjoy incredible views of your favorite content like you’ve never seen before.

LG 49GR85DC-B, huge UltraGear curved gaming monitor
LG 49GR85DC-B, huge UltraGear curved gaming monitor


What LG offers is a great 49-inch monitor that has the effect of two monitors in one. The screen, type VA , has in its ultra-panoramic design a 32:9 format with a 1000R curvature . In this panel you can enjoy the images in DQHD resolution , or what is the same, at 5120 x 1440 pixels.

This model has lots of advantages to satisfy your gaming requirements . For starters, a high refresh rate of 240 Hz and response times of just 1 ms . Image quality is reaffirmed with features such as 95% color coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut ; a maximum brightness level of 450 cd/m² or typical contrast of 2500:1 .

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In addition, it is a VESA DisplayHDR™ 1000 product and therefore capable of reproducing vibrant scenes with much more vivid colouring. As far as video games are concerned, it has FreeSync Premium Pro technology . So you’ll enjoy fluid movement even in fast-paced titles. You also get rid of those unpleasant effects of image fragmentation or frame interruption.

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Tilt, height and pivot adjustable base

Regarding its connectivity, the HDMI 2.1 connectors stand out, accompanied by the DisplayPort 1.4 option . By the way, the back of the device has the attractive touch of the brilliant Hexagon Lighting system . Finally, note that it is a reference with 2 PBP and PIP , which broadens its applications beyond video games.

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