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Nest Wifi Pro: The new home router from Google

Nest Wifi Pro
Nest Wifi Pro

Although its hardware releases are not as constant, Google wants to have a presence in all sections of the “intelligent” operation of the home and its new model focuses on enjoying a good internet connection. With the name of Nest Wifi Pro , we are facing the renewed router with support for WiFi 6E technology that not only gains in efficiency but also in management simplicity.

Nest Wifi Pro looks very good at first glance and far from the format of the modem of the old time, being able to complement the decoration of the room through a glossy finish of ceramic inspiration and in snow white color. Its manufacture has been thought of in ecological care with more than 60% of the weight of the product corresponding to recycled materials , although it is only the beginning of its benefits.

Nest Wi-Fi Pro Features

Google Nest Wifi Pro is a very small and elegant accessory

The most interesting initially corresponds to its support for the recent WiFi 6E standard, which means a tri-band connection capable of accessing the classic 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands as well as the new 6 GHz. This not only helps reduce possible interference with neighbors’ connections, but its supported speed is up to twice that of WiFi 6 .

Nest Wifi Pro has an intelligent operation that analyzes the performance of the network at all times to avoid congestion problems, while being able to prioritize high-bandwidth activities such as video calls or streaming . All this is managed much more easily by synchronizing with the Google Home App.

Said App not only takes care of the initial configuration of the router with step-by-step instructions, but also includes functions such as speed tests, password sharing or setting up a secondary network for guests . Even to avoid security issues or unauthorized access, it shows all the devices that are connected to the network and makes it possible to interrupt their connection.

Nest Wifi Pro is updated to new connectivity standards such as the Thread edge router for synchronization of Thread smart devices to the home network, while once Matter, the new protocol for smart homes, is released, compatibility will also be added from the first day .

Those interested in getting hold of this advanced router will be able to do so in exchange for 329.99 euros for the pack of two, or 219.99 euros for the individual unit . It will be on sale online and in physical stores from October 27.

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