New Intel Core Ultra processors are not as bad as they seem

Journalists tested fresh INTEL chips after updating the firmware and it turned out that they work much better

More recently, the new generation Intel Core Ultra processors Meteor Lake fell into the hands of specialized journalists as part of the first laptops based on the advanced platform, but according to testing results, the fresh chips turned out to be a very mediocre solution. 

Journalists said that the new mobile processors demonstrate an extremely low performance increase, significantly losing to new products from AMD on literally all fronts. But now representatives of the information publication UltrabookReview said that the problem was in the preliminary version of the BIOS of the tested laptops – because of it, it is impossible to “squeeze” the maximum out of the new processors, so the test results were so inconspicuous.

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Representatives of the publication noted that laptops on new chips with a preliminary version of the firmware lost a significant share of performance due to the ineffective operation of algorithms in the process of supplying power to the chip. Intel quickly discovered this problem and, together with partner companies, is already working to improve the firmware, and ASUS even managed to release an update for UEFI, thanks to which the performance of a laptop based on Intel Core Ultra has increased significantly, as has the energy efficiency of the system as a whole. 

And this is great news, because we are not talking about a couple of percent increase in power – now the chips really look like a flagship solution of the new generation.

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Representatives of UltrabookReview noted that a laptop based on the new processor after updating the BIOS to version 203 showed an average performance increase in Cinebench R23 of 12.5% ​​(12,357 points in BIOS 201 and 13,873 points in BIOS 203). 

The journalist noted that the readings improved both in single-core mode and in the multi-core test, while the system began to interact more intelligently with power consumption – at the beginning of the 10-minute test, the processor consumes 50 W of energy, but gradually this parameter decreases and stabilizes at around 28 Tue Unfortunately, the publication’s journalists have not yet updated the tests in other benchmarks and video games, but the result will probably be similar.

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Journalists from the Golden Pig Upgrade publication also stated that the laptop based on the new Intel processors clearly had problems with the scheduler during the test, but after updating the firmware it disappeared – the laptop began to work more energy efficiently, and performance increased. 

Probably, in the near future, Intel, together with its partners, will release an update for all laptops based on Intel Core Ultra, because the level of sales of finished products also depends on this. But software problems for the Blues are not big news – previously the company released “raw” discrete video cards, which six months later, thanks to a firmware update, received up to 30% performance gains.