Next Generation AMD Ryzen and RDNA 3 Graphics Late 2022

Zen 4 processors could be released at the same time as next generation AMD graphics cards.

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Next-gen AMD Ryzen processors based on Zen 4 architecture may launch at the same time as RDNA 3 based graphics cards, but we’ll have to wait.

A fresh rumor on Twitter from Broly_X1 claims that the simultaneous announcement of new processors and graphics cards could take place in late 2022 (last quarter). This information is in line with the latest speculation about Zen 4 processors, which pointed to a later launch in 2022, which seems most likely now. Similar information came from the official roadmaps earlier …

Broly_X1 has a solid track record of leaking AMD, revealing details on most of AMD’s major products at Computex (and correctly predicting the launch of Radeon Pro graphics cards prior to the official announcement), VideoCardz recalling that spotted the message.

However, even if Broly_X1’s information is now in line with the company’s plans, everything could change directly at AMD, because we are, after all, discussing the timing in a year and a half.


As we mentioned earlier when discussing the likely release of Zen 4 (Ryzen 6000) in late 2022, this is a long road ahead of AMD with the release of the Ryzen 5000 (Zen 3) processors late last year. A potentially very wide open window for Intel to reclaim its territory in the processor market, starting with the Alder Lake processors expected in October.

The obvious workaround – if the rumors about the Zen 3+ are to be believed, and we haven’t heard of any of them – would be for AMD to launch Ryzen 5000 XT models to spice things up a bit. In fact, some rumors are discussing such a possibility with an announcement later this year. Broly_X1 seems to agree that the company needs a placeholder, but we don’t expect the existing generation XT to be updated before early 2022.

As for graphics cards, nothing will happen until the fourth quarter of 2022, Broly_X1 suggests, so the existing RX 6000 range will theoretically stay with us for another year and most of the next. The vendor believes AMD will launch RDNA 3 graphics cards (i.e. improved design) later in 2021.